Packers coordinators Nathaniel Hackett, Mike Pettine & Shawn Mennenga Preview Sunday’s 49ers Game – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Seito Stockman

stuff…& stuff

Ian Gagel

Papi le gusta

Melissa Cassell

You guys got this if everyone play their position. Pray before you go out on the field and the most important part believe you guys can WIN. I believe in this team.

    The New

    Keep dreaming.

Asian Red Neck Fishing

can we stop the run is the million dollar question

    The New

    You cannot.

Nicholas Pucci

I mean… can we please stop starting with Shawn Mennenga?…… and Stuff?

Dwayne Jones

We need to shut down the middle of the field if jimmy g beats us on the outside I’m fine with that but you have to take their best thing away which is anything across the middle

The New

Keep dreaming packers, you’re not going to win. You’re going to be eaten alive by our defense. LOL you lost last time to backups and all the teams you beat since us are teams with bad records. Warm up against bad teams then get rolled by the best defense in the game!

    Subs Hans


    Rob Anicich

    The falcons say hi

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