Packers-Bears rivalry continues | Packers Daily – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Packers-Bears rivalry continues | Packers Daily

Larry McCarren previews "Light Up Lambeau" and takes a look at the strong rivalry between the Packers and Bears in this edition of Packers Daily.

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Osvaldo Fuentes

Aaron Rogers needs a big game right now

    aaron berhane

    Osvaldo Fuentes I agree

    Tyki Mikk804

    I agree also

Rick Morrow

It’s going to be 19 degrees at Lambeau Field. It’s time for the Packers to send the DA BEARS to an early hybernation this year. Go Pack Go!

Jr nu mex

rogers to cobb still has to sting bears fans. way bigger game than i thought 3 weeks ago

777d7777 777d7777

Go Pack Go!!!!

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