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Sarah Pfarr

Go💛pack🏈go💚 , i love my Packers ,

maria martinez

Zavion Edwards


Robert Himes

I’m lost I did not see a sloppy win. I saw a Professional football team that had there last chance at a playoff get beat up. I was so scared the Packers could easily loose to a way more motivated bears team but they won.

Gary Lentz

Who gives a s*** they got to win out they got to get better

Robert Hassan

Going to lose in the first round anyway!

    Robert Hassan

    Just saying there not going to beat 49er’s or Seahawks, maybe Eagles or Cowboys.


    @Julick R-E-L-A-X He was just trying to prepare you for the upcoming beat-down, starting Mon. night.

    aaron berhane

    Robert Hassan ok when you said we’d lose to the eagles or cowboys I lost all credibility there

    Robert Hassan

    I just don’t think the Packers will go very far in the playoffs the way they played against the Bears and Redskins, just my opinion!

Tom Reed

Go Packers 🎇😎

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Go Pack Go!!!!

Justin Sommers

Big fan here, not sure they can win a playoff game. I feel we are still rebuilding. Prove me wrong that’s fine with me


This is The Most Respected Team in All of League History. We did the Unbelievable this year. Prove em Wrong, Go Pac Go!

    Aaron Osborne

    AWFULWORKPLACES not the most respected team of all time… but a great team! Not saying they can’t win it all though


    @Aaron Osborne See People unlike on the Patriots Saints and other Teams We can conduct ourselves like Real Men who are the most Adult in the Room. As Packers Fans We are for The Game of Football and if they shall cheat us let America Never Forget and Never Give Up Our Ship.

    Aaron Osborne

    AWFULWORKPLACES our own quarterback Aaron Rodgers himself just said yesterday that we aren’t a respected team in the league yet.

    Aaron Osborne

    AWFULWORKPLACES if you mean the most respected franchise yes. But not most respected team this year. That’s the Ravens


    @Aaron Osborne I Say Packers are the Most Respected Team being in the team’s 120 year History, Packers have had a Clean sweep and a clear consciousness, I can’t say that for Patriots, ha.

Packersfan 12

We got to play way better to beat Minnesota.

Tyki Mikk804

I believe in my team Go Pack Go!!!

Eric S

war eagle

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