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clash man

Not gonna Lie, i don’t think Sam Ficken is the answer at kicker, but to take into account, it’s truly tough to kick at MetLife, & this is his first season with us, if he can finish the season here on a strong Note, then i would say bring in competition this coming off-season but it is Sam Ficken’s job to lose! Joe Douglas please please please get us a nasty Pass Rusher, & get us at least 4 new starting O-Linemen to protect Sam, then get us a lockdown Corner to pair with Bless Austin, Brian Poole, Nate Harriston & a few other’s back there. Then resign Robby at a reasonable contract incentive to play like a #1 wideout, but find another wide receiver or 2 to add to this squad already. Quincy should become trade bait, nice guy but always hurt! GO JETS!

    John Cena

    How’s you mention all the corners without saying Brian Poole ! He’s been one of the best slot corners in the entire NFL this year and jets got him on a 1 year 3 mil. Nobody expected him to be this good so now joe Douglas has to try and lock him up for years to come

    clash man

    @John Cena yes your right. i couldn’t think of his name off the top of my head, but i edited & added his name now. That’s 1 of the guys i had in the back of my mind, but couldn’t remember his name at the moment.

    Trio Shots

    I think they should let ficken go next season which they are doing because they need to find a star kicker, fickens good in all but we need someone new for next season, like maybe we could get deestroying, Ryan succup, and other people like that

    clash man

    @Trio Shots All i know, is that they should have to take their audition at MetLife, with tons of noise & lots of Wind, Then we can see who does the best. It’s all fine & great that they can make these kicks in practice, but we all know that kicking at MetLife, with the noise & Wind, is a much different Animal, that many kickers can’t handle! That’s my only suggestion, so we don’t keep hearing the same b.s. excuses, that their making all their kicks in practice, but they don’t know why, their missing them in the game, like they did all season long this year!

    Trio Shots

    Yea true

Sean Johnson

Darnold = 🐐

    Tony Micel

    Sam is a bust. It was a no brainer to draft Lamar Jackson. Hes a pocket passer 1st. With the dynamic ability to run it to the house. This meaningless bowl just dropped the.Jets under the dolphins in the draft. Another 10 years of suffering. Lamar and Hommes are the airs to Brady and manning.


    Tony Micel dont say it was no brainer. because im pretty sure you weren’t saying that before this year. seriously. Not saying Darnold would replicate what Lamar did but if he was was on Ravens the Ravens would definitely be a winning team because of their coaching and the team around Darnold.

ChanceTheSomali 612

Brandon Copeland WoW! You love to see it!! Well done

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