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J.E.T.S. Jets Jets Jets !!!

James Blonde

Thank you Jets Staff for the hard work this year !!! Keep it coming i feel the turnaround !!!

    Biggz Smith

    Gimmie some of what you smoking….pleaaeessseeeeee…..

    John Cena

    Biggz Smith given the injuries they had all year it was a miracle they finished 7-9 lol that’s something to look forward too for next season when they get the injured players back and whoever they add in the off season.

    Biggz Smith

    @John Cena I stopped drinking the cool aid after the Jets went to 2 Afc championships in a row, i suggest you stop drinking it too till GATES is fired

    John Cena

    Biggz Smith trust me I’m far from excited about any season as long as gase is here I’m just trying to bring out a positive since this franchise is filled with negativity haha

    christopher troy

    Biggz Smith Lmao

Big P The Boss

Damn I can’t till next season 🤷🏽‍♂️

Thereal One

Let’s get it I believe in Gase and Darnold and Douglas 😈😈

Chidozie Osuji

I stop watching the series after the 0-6 start bad but I am back

BringBack JojiVlogs

I’m really looking forward to how Douglas is going to shape this team.
Can’t wait for the playoffs to be done so he can start showing us what he’s been working on

Zack McCas

jets comment sections are some of the most toxic places on the internet lol

    Nick Hunter

    You don’t know our pain dude

    TJ Decker

    Zack McCas If you only understood our sorrow lol


I’ve been hard in gase but I got a good feeling about next year I think Darnold and bell will both have good years next year, Darnold will flourish into a top 10 QB next year and bell will have a great season not as good as his steeler days but close to it. Douglas is going to change this team into a contender fast I’m excited

Scrambled O

Wyatt? Where you at? LOLOLOL

JerzeyDude4680 Trucker

I actually feel some bit of positivity on listening to JD but still the o line coach gotta go , get bill Callahan. I know GASE isn’t going anywhere but he’s under the light. And Let’s Keep DC Greg Williams. Let’s go J e T s

Nick Hunter

Next year is the true test. The schedule is gonna be BRUTAL

    TJ Decker

    Yeah, they face a lot of good D lines… they NEED a decent o line next year to even have a chance


If the Jets never lost to the Fins or Bengals, they would of made the playoffs. Ironic

    Brendon P.

    ferbbe02 bills would have played there starters week 17 and we would have lost like in 2015

Nerdy by Nature

offseason – the most exciting part of the NY Jets year

Anthony Ramos

I love this team man. Always will.

ken boyd

Jets better sign jamal to a long term contract, making him the highest paid safety (dudes better than most cornerbacks), 5 years 75 mil (30 guaranteed).

Josh Silver

Man do I pray Joe D is legit


Thank Adam gase for holding this team together

Magnus Hanson

i love seeing this gase interaction amongst players

EOS Related

Crap season


Never thought I’d say this, but after yesterday, all I have to say is… Giants forever. Bye Jets.

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