Offensive Coordinator Brian Schottenheimer Wild Card Press Conference | 2019 Seattle Seahawks – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Offensive Coordinator Brian Schottenheimer Wild Card Press Conference | 2019 Seattle Seahawks

Seahawks offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer talks with the media on Thursday during the first week of playoffs at the Virginia Mason Athletic Center.

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The Pickle zone

First!!!! Go hawks

David Howard

This guy looks a little too comfortable. Let’s get to business, Bud. It’s time to put a stamp on your legacy with the Hawks. Gotta win some playoff games though.

Jack Shyt

Cut russ loose! 3 step back and hit a target! That’s how we score if the o line and run game can’t produce! That’s how we moved the ball and scored against the 49ers! The offense must evolve if the run game and o line is stale!

    Korie Creson

    Yep play action up tempo all damn game long

Calvin Mills

Someone explain why tf he’s still employed

    AB G

    Calvin Mills it’s cause hes the only one in that staff that wears visors??? 🙃 lol

    William Ludlow

    He’s a member of the go ahead and fire me I’ll just go to another team. They all belong to the fire me here and I will go there.

    Frederick Jacobson

    He drives me crazy, but there is something to be said for Russ having arguably his two best seasons under Schottenheimer. The Seahawks have also had a top 3 rushing offense both years, which, considering the lack of big-name talent and depth they’ve had to work with at O-Line and RB, is pretty impressive.

    William Ludlow

    @Frederick Jacobson the game they lost to 49ers should never have happened. To beat the best team twice would be a bid deal. Just like Marshaun lynch in SB49. The d iij d the exact same thing again with Marshaun Lynch.


Get this scrub out of Seattle.


Most predictable oc right next to bevell


Wish they gave Russ more freedom to call his own plays.

    Planet Express

    Finally someone says it. This guy is only working with the Hawks because Pete owed this dingbat’s daddy a favor. I guess it’s true, it’s not what you know, it’s who you know.

Capo King

I had confidence with the guy…but had enough of his old predictable calls. Barely creative with playbook.

Austin Slater

Man the answer for the delay is still baffling

Korie Creson

Tempo Brian, tempo. Their loaded with new guys, hit em fast…hit em hard & hit em repeatedly.
Let’s not have Seahawks vs cowboys again. That was inexcusable.

    Kyle Brown

    It’s funny because the fans and the interviewers keep mentioning tempo. Russell is just better in tempo and it slows the defense down just like shotty said but he still doesnt do it until 4th quarter when we are down…. don’t understand this guy…

    Korie Creson

    @Kyle Brown what’s really funny is when we see our opponents go uptempo on us it works very well. So you’d think they’d be practicing very hard both sides, defense = diagnosing, offense= executing.


He must be fired


This guy is an opportunist, Seahawks will win without his Coordination, he is Killing Seahawks offense

Samer Mikha

The receivers route are very predictable you need to be more creative man if you want win against good teams


Start fast, please!

Human 8845

Let russ do his own calls

A Fucking Bird

You have to get more creative in the playoffs. We’re too predictable now. Guys like Kyle and McVay are very creative with their offense, which is why they have such an electric offense. Confuse the defense with different looks.


He’s need to go, 2nd quarter should be for adjustments not the half. We need an OC with a modern feel and call.

Frederick Jacobson

I hope Schotty coaches like his job is on the line this weekend! I have tried to be patient with his command of the offense and observant of the positive things he brings to the table. While he has improved significantly from last season, and even shown a few signs of brilliance this year, Schotty’s legacy in SEA depends on sustaining drives and capitalizing in the Red Zone this Sunday against PHI. They need four quarters of production! If he fails to get it done after blowing last year’s wildcard game as well, his time needs to be up.

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