Offensive Coordinator Brian Schottenheimer Divisional Press Conference | 2019 Seattle Seahawks – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Offensive Coordinator Brian Schottenheimer Divisional Press Conference | 2019 Seattle Seahawks

Seahawks offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer talks with the media on Thursday during the second week of playoffs at the Virginia Mason Athletic Center.

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YaBoyzABeast SoDon’tTryMe

Hawks for life

The Pickle zone

Go hawks!! Let’s win the division and dominate the packers!!

    Jay Don

    You say this on every video news flash dumbass we lost the division

    Archie Calzada

    Jay Don man… you didn’t have to do him like that😂😂😂😭😭

    Junior Patton

    Jay Don I think he means divisional


Great job. The guys were all….BEASTS! last week. I’m ready for more on Sunday. GO HAWKS!

Chalmers Gyamfi


R. Ancheta

We will Pray harder 🙏Let’s beat the Green Bay Sunday . Go! Hawks 💙🏈💚

Hugh Black

This guy is giving up a lot of gold here!

Jonah Guinn

No pack no !!

Karen Setzer

Go Hawks 💚💙

jesse guy

Anytime a coach uses the word ‘execution’, they are saying it’s the players fault not the play-calling.

    Schecter 7

    But it’s hard to execute bad play calls

    Hawks Fan

    @Schecter 7 Its called the coaches expect you to do your job and every single play there is at least one guy that doesn’t do his job and makes the play look bad.

Human 8845

Good job on last game u made some good calls but let’s make the offense more dangerous in green bay with wilson and more beast mode action

Lane S

Dope visor


Number Twelve pick over all in the draft 2007. Amazing career, best of luck to the Beast mode.

Bill Hardy

This guy questionable

    Archie Calzada

    Why so?


Come on Brian let’s call some good plays! The 12s have faith in you

Julian Song

Little concerned that some entities on this team r bit too “normal” looking;..bit too mundane country clubby…academic.
bit more Warrior ness.

David Gabrie

It comes down to EXECUTION! If we don’t win, you will be EXECUTED!

Archie Calzada

I believe in my quarterback💚💙💚
Aye y’all….
“Why not us? We here for a reason”


I want the Seahawks to win.
Super bowl 2


One thing, remember the game Seahawks made a comeback against Packers, looked like Witchcraft whoever do the magic continue doing it.

Ed Taj

I like everything about Seattle game except play calling…. if they can practically ball out every time they do a two minute drill why don’t they just do it more often. Let Russ just do his stuff. Seems like the fly in the ointment.

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