NFL Week 15 Mic’d Up, “Did I look like Lamar with that juke?!?” | Game Day All Access – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
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The InvictusSamaritan

Lol that MNF segment wasn’t even mic’d up, just a slow mo show 😂


    honestly surprised they didnt mic brees up considering how close he was to the record.

    The InvictusSamaritan

    heelp they most likely did try to mic him up but he probably wanted some privacy with his teammates and friends.

Arhan Atre

The way Lamar leads his team shows that he has a deep bind with all the players. I can respect that

    Damn Feds

    B Miles

    Easy to be like that when you’re winning. Just wait, it’s coming.

    Broken King

    @Blur Fizzy how you gonna beat the #2 Offense and a Top5 Defense?

    Kirk Cousins is Trash #4-26 against winnig teams

    B Miles hater 😭😭


“we we we we we” so much respect for LJ



    William Wright

    i hate lamar he is the most overrated qb in the league

    Rick S

    William Wright you should’ve been swallowed


    @William Wright shouldn’t you be in school? someone come get their child please

Gdub Here

Did I look like Lamar with that juke?

Honestly the best title, I loved that part

    Cameron Denis

    @NMJ 88 injuries are the only thing that would prevent that. Fingers crossed they stay healthy.

    Benny Wave

    @NMJ 88 no love for Watson? 🤔

    Eric Muccino

    @Benny Wave not until he gets a solid organization around him

    Andre Fricke

    Made my day 😂

    Kashif Ali

Nicholas Thatcher

Ayy hold this quarter I just found

    Erik Daniels

    Nicholas Thatcher that guy should’ve asked Lamar if he wanted his quarterback…….get it? I’ll see myself out

Ryan George

Legend has it mahomes his still looking for his helmet

    Solo Dolo

    😂😂😂What a God

    Broken King

    @Solo Dolo no

    Broken King

    @Solo Dolo idolization at its finest. Just cause a person can throw good, he is the ultimate authority.

Kewan Johnson

Lamar literally playing like he in college

    Old Man Jenkins

    He playing like the mvp

    Mudd Blood

    Benny Wave and if he didn’t keep getting hurt

    Bob Charlie

    Kewan Johnson even better and he was balling in the Ville.

    Mystics ìćè

    The whole jets team play worse than all college teams

    Kashif Ali


mahomes asking if he looked like lamar cracked me up.

    Roger Wright

    Griff I missed that when he say that

    Chris Lapee

    Roger Wright he said it at 10:02


“Wht the hell a raccoon got do with a titan” had me dead

    troly poly

    @FeaR lmao thank you so much

    Maximum Overdrive

    FeaR Tennessee doesn’t know what they want, and it’s probably cause they know they can’t Rock with the Oilers cause that’s a HTown Product 💯


    Casey Dant
    So in essence the Tennessee Titans used their state animal A RACCOON when they have arguably one of the most fiercest mascots in the most brutal game.
    Y’all deserve to lose with decision making like that 😂

    Kashif Ali


    @Casey Dant way to ruin the fun buddy


9:48 Did I look like lamar

    Youfail Mon

    bless you


“The hell do a raccoon gotta do with a Titan?” I’ve always wondered this.


    what the apple got to do with a dolphin?

    kid with a smug hat

    Mikko exactly like wtf

    Christian Depriest

    Our state animal lmao. As a fan we wish it was sum buff dude with a sword

    RedEvo Texas

    The racoon isn’t for the Titans more for Tennessee.

Meow Kitty

I’m a pats fan but I admire the young core that the ravens have created with Lamar jackson


    Same here from a Steeler fan wonderful to watch. Really special what they got .

    Mordecai’s Mopstick

    Meow Kitty they’re a team everyone can root for, or at least respect. That special team doesn’t come along very often

    Mudd Blood

    Respect to John Harbaugh, everyone ranting bout Lamar but you gotta remember, harbaugh won a super bowl with measley joe Flacco at QB😂😂


    Yeshua Dean bro stop

Nick Lay

mic’d up fosure some of the best nfl content out there, any content period

    Mudd Blood

    Nick Lay ya they had some great players micd this week


    Nick Lay and the round table is fire as well




I could watch Lamar all day. The man is so happy it is contagious. Never stop being you Lamar!

    Andre Fricke

    He’s so much fun to watch both for being a great player and apparently a fun guy to be around. Also seems like a great leader for this Ravens team 🙂


    I hate to tell you this but it’s only a matter of time. We seen this before it’s called RG3. Lamar is for a limited time only.

    Fathered a Whore

    PROVEN FACT VIDEOS that’s a fallacy, you’re subconsciously awaiting his supposed inevitable down fall.

    Broken King

    @PROVEN FACT VIDEOS Lamar will only continue to prove you haters wrong

Blade Runner

“Hey hold my quarter I just found.”

“You got it brother”

    Lauren Told

    Blade Runner that was so cute. He looked like a big kid. Good I love this man.

    Brian U

    He has that poverty mindset, always putting in work.

    Aaron Sanders

    Blade Runner rich and still humble….that’s my quarter

    Phil And Stuff

    Someone just sold a quarter for $50,000 on eBay. Too truss’ing, Lamar.

    Kashif Ali

MTG. 600

The fact that the opposing team 9/10 times knows that Lamar is gonna run and still can’t stop him is crazy😂😂🤦🏽‍♂️

    Broken King

    RPOs are the future of Offense. The Defense has no idea where the ball is going, because they will always be wrong if the QB makes the right read. LB rushing? Ill ditch the ball right over his head. LB holding? Ill give the ball to the RB for an easy 5 yds. LB playing Man? Then ill keep the ball for an easy 1st down. And the LB is only 1 read. You also gotta read the Safetys, the Coverage, the Line whether they pinch or not, the Box, and know your #1 WR to see if he has the matchup. Football is awesome

Tyler Tomlinson

“Lemme drive the cart” – Lamar Jackson


    Tyler Tomlinson lemme drive da boat- Kodak Black


    That’s about to be a t shirt lol

    Ok Boomer

    for real though if Lamar gets injured its over for the ravens

    Mixer Qxrty go follow me bots

    used to to drive the cartdown now i rock cartdown. if i see ingram thats a touchdown, when i start runnin its a touchdown

Vegas Vixaisak

“ The hell does a raccoon gotta do with a Titan”. 😭😭😂

Solo Dolo

Nick: You See Me Run Down Julio🥴


    Kevin Deaton

    Why does Nick Bosa look like he’s wearing childrens pads


Mahomes gets absolutely levelled by a bronco – “we got to get this run game going” haha

    Daniel Gutierrez

    As soon as he got hit, I said “Ooooo”…while my face was still scrunched up from that hit, he says “we gotta get this run game going”. I started DYING! I said, “yeah that hit was NO JOKE”

    Jason Yount

    Von Miller drilled him!

    Scotty Laub

    I loved the “daaammmn” as he was getting up 😂😂

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