NFL Network Insider Ian Rapoport offers update on Cleveland Browns DE Myles Garrett’s suspension – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Nicholas Palmateer


Bo Bent

🖕🏾the NFL

    Future Selves Past Memories

    @Surfer Bob Steeler fan?

    Paul Chism

    Surfer Bob So MG is racist for reacting to being called “N-word”??? Hmmm…guess Rudolph isn’t a racist then. If we follow your words of wisdom, both would be banned for life…right?

    Surfer Bob

    Paul Chism Everyone knows Garrett lied.

Aaron Gossage

There is no reason for this suspension to be upheld. I have no doubt that Myles has learned his lesson.


Should have been 2 games anyway.

Stomping Peak

This suspension was the NFL’s way to keep the browns down. The team was a game back from the wildcard and fell apart with no myles. First time offenders shouldn’t get the death penalty for finishing a fight that someone else started. Yet the instigator didn’t get anything or even get hurt(just looked like a sissy boy). Complete bs suspension. Should’ve been 4-6 max. Especially since he isn’t a mean dirty player trying to hurt people. He is into poetry and anime ffs.

Jesse Warshak

After close examination, I have determined that Myles Garrett was just handing Rudolph his helmet back #freemyles

Edit: Myles gonna have a revenge year and grab a DPOY in 2020


1. Don’t try to rip the helmet off another guy that’s way bigger than you.
2. Don’t chase after the guy that just manhandled you, especially while you’re not wearing a helmet.

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