NFL Analysts On Top WR Prospects: “You Can’t Go Wrong With Any Of Them” | New York Jets | NFL Draft – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
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Zach Cheikhali

First jet fan

    Liam Silver

    Zach Cheikhali second jet fan LOL

Danny ODell

Jerry Jeudy

adam collins


James Longhofer

Can’t go wrong with any of them

Jets: hold my beer

    Joe Lasss

    Could agree more… been a fan all my life and I’ve seen that belief so many times pic the other player and wait for a another. We’ll pick the 3rd tackle in the draft 1,2 and 4 will be stars but not the jets and get a shitty wr in the second

    James Longhofer

    @Joe Lasss yup…a 40 year jets fan, here and I have seen them whiff on many a cant miss player

    Joe Lasss

    James Longhofer exactly I’m sick of hearing of this bullshit plan that never works. Stevie wonder literally could point to a board and be better. It’s mind boggling we picked both Williams hearing they got the best player in the draft. 1 is known hes trash and atleast we traded him the other we passed up on a edge rusher which is the biggest need in josh Allen double digit sacks. Jets haven’t had that since idk how long. If Anderson walks which they should let him go and emuwa career is over who is out wr. how in the world isn’t that a huge need we don’t have one

Liam Silver

I like C.D lamb because Robby already has speed and cd lamb has hands so yeah I will go with C.D. Lamb.

    Nathan Bahr

    Robby most likely isnt going to be resigned

    Liam Silver

    Nathan Bahr ur prob right

rafi sanders

Me: dad all I want for Christmas is our o-line not to be the worst in football. It doesn’t even need to be elite. Let’s just not be atrocious at it.

Joe Lasss

If this 11th pick doesn’t hit jets are doomed. Please tell me how picking the 3rd or 4th best tackle is a better option then getting the number 1 wr. Shall we go to the history of the jets and look at how many times it’s NEVER worked for them… or how many times we picked the best availble player aka d line and they are garbage aka Williams, Richardson Wilkerson and more. Pick the guy that’s as close as a sure thing, instead of trying to outsmart yourself since no one on the jets is from a draft past 16 or 15

    Mickal Velez

    O line needs to be taken care of in free agency and second round. First round go for the top wide out lamb is a great fit for DARNOLD if we loose Anderson

J Mac

Let Robbie walk. I don’t trust him. He seems selfish, not a team player. He’s not an complete receiver. He does make good catches but gets tackled way too easily. Don’t trust him with the ball after the catch. He’s got no moves for Yak. Bad attitude! Draft Lamb!!!!!!

K Malls

Get jeudy!!!!

NY Sports MC

We need offensive line so badly. We would have to go big in free agency on the line be able to take a wr in round 1. This class is deep we can get wrs day 2

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