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eric fox

hoping for a breakout year for young darnold. NFC west should be alot of primetime games that he can come out to the world on the big stage.

Toni Kroos Assisting You Since 1990

Just don’t catch mono again cuh

    Robert Kess

    FYI, once you get mono you can’t get it again, it’s medically impossible.

Jet World

That’s my QB!!! #TrustInJoe #TrustInSammy

Cory Longville

It’s not fair that Jimmy G can throw 8 times and win a NFC chip game but this kid can’t get a 100 yard rushing game. Fix the O line get him a WR to go WITH Robby and Crowder and let’s roll


As a Jets fan living in KC, my biggest worry is getting past teams like the Chiefs 😅 That team is special, and will probably be the AFC team to beat for most of Sam’s prime years. I think with the right parts (in Joe Douglas I trust), this team will be a playoff team. But man…seeing the Chiefs up close…they’re just on another level compared to most of the NFL.

Robert Kess

I still marvel at how young he is, Daniel Jones drafted the year after is older then Darnold. The first pick in this years draft Burrow, is older than Darnold. Hell, Baker Mayfield will be 25 in April, Darnold won’t even turn 23 till June of this year. To be only 22 and already have 26 games of experience is a huge. As a long time Jets fan that’s seen lots of bad to mediocre QB play, it only takes a couple of seconds to see that Sam is cut from different cloth than the Geno Smiths and Mark Sanchez’s of the world, he’s a very talented quarterback, a natural at the position, give him some NFL level protection and a running game and it’s quite possible that he’ll excel. I know that I don’t have any regrets that the Jets drafted him. Giving up three second round draft picks is quite steep, but if he plays for many years, I call that a Bargain, the best I ever had.

Vibz shop

So SAM can Stop seeing ghost, Jets jets jets fix the OL 🙏

Edit: Jets bring back Robby. We also need a clutch WR for short and reliable plays. Thank you jets👍🏾

Hint draft one🙏

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