NEXT 100 || NFL Super Bowl LIV Commercial

A kick return 100 years in the making. Here’s to the next 100 and the game’s future stars! #NFLNext100 #SBLIV

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Best commercial of the night! The Pat Tillman moment was phenomenal! The youth paying respects to those who made the ultimate sacrifice! Semper Fi!

Active Lunar

Kinda chilling when it was all crazy then he ran up to Tillman’s statue and it was silent

    Whiskey Jack

    Wife & I gasped out loud when that happened…RESPECT for #40 and I’ve been to the stadium many times and always stop by to reflect & say Thanks Pat.

    Patriots Nation 4 Life Tom Brady is GOAT

    It was sad and moving
    Tillman is a true American hero

    BeastMode Mixes

    Respect. Was one hell of a player 🙏🏽


    Tillmann is above anything. To go out voluntarily to fight for your country as a rich sports hero that has everything is beyond anything in history. I put him even in front of Leonidas and his 300 back then.

GachaGamer 04

Ngl when i first saw this i thought it was gonna be an evolution of Patrick Mahomes from him being a kid to now

But this is cool too. Congrats on the Illinois scholarship kid!

    GlammaOf3 DD

    My thoughts exactly GachaGamer!😄 I also thought it was symbolizing physical activities for the kids to get outside and play more!☺


Tf was that “oh I’ll give em the tip alright” moment💀

    Kayla’s Korner

    Colbraz lol meaning he wasn’t gonna pay that man

Aaron Obyonek

This was the best commercial of all, especially when he actually came on to the stadium like he really went through all that

    Wilt C.

    SandwichesFN 😂😂💀


    SandwichesFN ya think?

    Andrea Stephenlyttle

    Aaron Obyonek 100% agreed with you. Best commercial by far. That kid is going to be something special.

    Trevor McDermott

    scrimxthy obviously

Darren 0613

I lost it when the old lady just punched it out of his hand and that woman tackled the guy onto a car.


    Darren 0613 that guy is RAY LEWIS

    Rude Gyal


    Dae Dae

    WAVE CHECK he doesn’t even know there names😂

    Mary Spangenberg

    Welcome to the city kid, lol lol lol!!!!! 😉 Brilliant!


This is the best nfl commercial I’ve ever seen. When I saw this live and he ran out onto the field.. cleanest transition


    Yeshua ruffin Thank you 🙏🏻

    Erin Keimig

    I definitely started crying the moment it went from a commercial to live.

    Daunting Task

    Me too I saw it live,was the best NFL commercial ever,truley brilliant

    Lesly Bravo

    TheDroolingChicken his smile is what made it the best he could
    Not stop smiling

Jibreel Movies Productions

When the commercial turn into live, I had big chills.

    Oscar Arreola

    When he was running on the field it wasn’t pre recorded anymore it was a crazy transition lol

    GlammaOf3 DD

    My favorite…💘’d it!!!😄

    Nichole Bynum

    Indeed, i did as well.

    Pixel Slayer

    I know that was so call

    Pixel Slayer


Bass Galaxy

10 years from now, that kid is probably gonna be a top 10 pick in the NFL draft. 😎

keith bailey

I really love this game, congrats KC coming from a packers fan.

    Tony Jean Dickerson

    Thanks!! 50 years on the making!!

    Antrell Brown

    I agree coming from a eagles fan….they did it with our old coach

    Blk Pig

    Packers Fan here. Truth said!


Timthetatman lookin’ TUFF on that tractor 😂

    Sabastian Vennetti



    Hahah yessir

    Martin Garcia

    I knew that was him, I even told my wife and she was like “nah, why would he be in the super bowl commercial”

    Raudel Gonzalez

    @Martin Garcia why is he in a Superbowl commercial?


    I didn’t expect that at all! Really made me smile seeing him in there.

Michael McIntyre

I loved EVERY part of this…

A perfect nod to the sports past, present, a fallen hero gone too soon, and an event that is the cornerstone of the American sports landscape.

Seriously, bravo.


    hill Hill

    Tillmy was killed by his own soldiers

Manuel Mendoza

You got the 2 legends, Montana and Steve Young and then Jimmy G carrying their luggage hahaha funny moment “I’ll give the tip alright” lol Joe what are you talking about 😂😂😂

    King Morrison

    One of my favorite moments

    Bazmeh Davoudian

    Well, it IS San Francisco, y’all. 😉 J/K, much love for my home team. #faithful


    Manuel Mendoza yup that’s all it is, Jimmy trying to carry the 49er legacy but he failed last night

    Trevor McDermott

    Nyjah too

Diego Zambrano

This is so well done. Got me so Hyped!!!! That Tillman scene just hit so hard.

young kz

👍🏾For everytime “Take to the house kid”

t c

love the moment of silence for Tillman! Respect for a hero in his belief!

Lamar Jackson Fan

My mom when she shows up with groceries.
mom:take it to the house kid



    Bianca Stewart


    ken nguyen


    nicole enoch

    Lamar Jackson Fan 🤣😂🤣🤣😂

Ricardo Torres

I love that they included a moment of silence/respect for the great Pat Tillman 🇺🇸

BroncoBeast 37

This was hands down the best commercial of the super bowl

    Trevor McDermott

    BroncoBeast 37 wasn’t really a commercial

Professor Hattar

2:10 Virginia McCaskey is the daughter of George “Papa Bear” Hallas who helped start the NFL, she’s 97! Her and (especially) Tillman were the highlights of the commercial

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