New York Giants Hire Offensive Coordinator Jason Garrett – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
BigBlue Productions

Great choice! A former giants and tons of experience!

Raekwon Vaughan

Ah man we may be damn good this year #2020 don’t count us out just yet

    frank irwin

    Raekwon Vaughan amen to that


    Yeah look good on paper but we gotta see what we can do on the field with them

    uncle freddie

    @Raekwon Vaughan exactly… I hope we prove everybody wrong

    Snatcher Claus

    Garrett’s personality isn’t cut out to be a HC but you don’t have to worry about that. Good hire for you guys.

    Raekwon Vaughan

    @uncle freddie like Saquon said “we’re gonna figure this out just stick with us”

Lil Robux

Actually not a bad idea. He pretty much developed Tony Romo and Dak. He also had a top 10 offense. Some amazing OCs are bad at being HCs.


    @Brad Mundie’s yeah no he didnt lol like he said Payton left when romo was begining to start. and to admit your a cowboys fan… embarrassing

    Snatcher Claus

    @wildbat909 The Giants are one of the top tier NFL franchises but they’re certainly not above the Cowboys so how is it embarrassing to admit you’re a Cowboys fan?

    Smack Ish

    Woah slow down there parcells is the one that developed Romo for 3 years not Garrett lmao

    Lil Robux

    @Smack Ish No, Garrett played a massive role in it. If you deny that you are simply lying.


    @Smack Ish yeah it was mostly sean payton i now see he had about 5 years with romo and garret had about 5, pretty sure the first 5 were much more important

Emmanuel Alejandro

This is a smart move by the Giants. I’m hoping he’s going to groom Jones well and making more involvement with running by Saquon.

Sean Panker

Great we got the clapper. Now let’s clap some cheeks on offense next season

    Craig Brock26

    Eric Marrero lol if the giants were playing as a team they could’ve like the two times they did before

    Craig Brock26

    João Antonio and yea too soon maybe a couple years

    Concrank 123

    Don’t worry, you guys don’t have high hopes this year so Jason Garrett would actually be decent for the Giants

    Terrence T

    Sean Panker as a knicks fan your pic is perfect 😂

Big Blue Squad

Great move by Judge with getting a OC that has a lot of successful experience.

    Elijah Mitchell

    G Hix he’s 85-67 soooo🤣

    Brad Mundie's

    What? Dude lost every win and in game in his career and went like 2-3 in the playoffs over 10 years.

    C Dot

    Brad Mundie’s Lol 85-67🤫🤫🤫 go cry about it

    uncle freddie

    why are there cowboys fans here?
    they worried about something?

    David Riedy

    @G Hix 8-8 would be an improvement right now for the Giants

gman hirt

Great move to further the development of Daniel Jones,,
The New York Football Giants have wanted him to be a part of their coaching staff when he was a player back in the day,,
Now JUDGE needs to get Antonio Pierce etc coach the linebackers,,
Just a thought,,,

Tony Turner

We got something to 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏 for 😆😆😆😆😆😆


He probably want to get back at dallas!😅😅

    Carbies Chronicles

    why not?


    Sure he can prove to them if he was or wasn’t the problem as long as he can help develop Daniel Jones.

Tyron Kelly

I just like the fact that it make the Giants Cowboys rivalry even more exciting

Tom H

As a Giants fan living in Dallas, I’m hoping this works out for us. The cowboys fans think he was the problem here, I’m pretty sure the megalomaniac GM was

    Hdhshs Usuahs

    So we got two quiet coaches that dont talk much Jason Garrett and that defense coordinator we will see how it translates in the locker room

    Shammy Cat

    As a life long Cowboys fan, in all honesty I think he’s a better HC than OC. He took over a 1-7 team his first year as HC and went 5-3 down the stretch. His system is awesome, but he wasn’t a good play caller. There would be games the running game was unstoppable yet he’d completely abondon it. He wasn’t always the best play caller in the redzone either. Romo had his best year with Linehan because he provided more balance as a playcaller. Jerry relieving him of his playcalling duties was a rare good move on his part. Then again, he’s a smart guy, maybe he’ll do better. I think that he will.

    Timothy Underwood

    Garrett was not head coach material. He is a good coordinator though


    Jerry Jones is perpetually stuck in the 90s.

Genevieve Kuchera

This might be a good season

    uncle freddie

    it’ll be fun to watch…

    Genevieve Kuchera

    @uncle freddie yea just watch us kill the Pat’s


The future is looking bright, let’s go Giants 💪

    uncle freddie

    …we gotta wear shades 🎶🎵

    Snatcher Claus

    The NFC East is always a warzone but with all these new coaching changes it looks like it’s setting up to be a warzone of competent teams for a change. As a Cowboys fan my perception of the division is that the Giants will be the biggest threat to us going forward thanks to your young players on offense, mainly Barkley, Jones and Slayton. I wanted Garrett out as HC but at the same time, hiring him for OC seems like a smart move to help out a first time HC. While I certainly don’t like the Giants, I hate the Redskins and Eagles a whole lot more so for what it’s worth, good luck and let’s have many great games to look forward to in the future.

    uncle freddie

    @Snatcher Claus exactly… a lot more fun when all the NFC East teams are playing well




    Snatcher Claus Same here I hate the eagles more then anything, don’t mind the shitskins tho they aren’t a threat

Marcus Gilmore

If Joe doesn’t work out Jason will be our next coach I want be surprised….

    Seth Scholder

    No… That wouldn’t be ideal. But anyway Judge won’t get fired unless some crazy stuff goes wrong. The team can’t possibly continue to want to pay people to not coach after firing them.

Erik the Blue

I hope Mr. Callahan is our next hire as a line coach and Mr. Pierce as a LB & D-backs coach.

    dean garn

    Jerry’s not going to let Callahan go and he will work well with McCarthy’s system

    Sean Hamlet

    @dean garn bill callaghan hes with the redskins and hes free agent


Jason was a very good QB and he’ll be a great OC for the Giants. It’ll be a better fit for him than HC. I’m happy for Jason that he found a good spot. He’ll do very well.

    James d

    JasnoGT a very good qb? He was a back up most of his career.

dean garn

This coaching staff already looks way more promising than what we had with Pat Shurmur

    Sean Hamlet



    They legit are all going to Denver now (Shurmur as an OC, Shula as a QB coach) wish them luck lol


The giants sideline is about to be lit lol we got The Enthusiastic Joe Judge, The Clapper Jason Garrett and the Mystero Patrick Graham. Every Sunday is about to be a show the Big Blue are back.

Farmer Fran

Not sure how I feel about this but I’ll give him a shot, he had a ton of experience so he can certainly be a big help to coach judge.


Joe Judge’s style is sort of like Tom Coughlin’s style. I feel that Jason Garrett may stay as Giants offensive coordinator for a long time.

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