New Orleans Saints vs Tennessee Titans Week 16 NFL Game Preview – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Joe Burrow Highlights

SNF! 🔥 Michael Thomas can break single season receiving record on national television if he catches 11 passes.


    I thought it was at 12?

    Antonio Wilson

    @Ezpless He don’t know what he talking about it’s nationally televised at 1:00 on FOX the NFL flexed the game🙏🙏

Rednax Brix

Can’t wait!

Cole Pratt

This is gonna be a good one

Benjamin Ehrlich

Titans season could end this week

You guys gotta root for the jets

    Getting Instructions

    Benjamin Ehrlich ended when they failed to beat Houston at home…

Jay Stiles

The saints wins 33-16 nuff said

ThatOneGuy 123


    SmokinBombBudz 420

    ThatOneGuy 123 upset ALERT titans lose 31-13

    Block Party Saint

    Blow what Saints are a lock for the playoffs. Cut it out!

Diego Meza

saints are gonna destroy titans playoff dreams 🤣

Sean Bozeman

Saints 30
Titans 21


Saints defense will be an obstacle for Ryan Tanehill. 27-17

Dennis Sanchez

hot L for my Titans.

    Getting Instructions

    Dennis Sanchez smh, hot like Nashville Chicken. Maybe next year 🤷🏽‍♂️

zmon 8426

Saints win 28-24


Titans get creative this week. And get the W by 7.

    Getting Instructions

    I hope you right but I don’t see it.


    Getting Instructions we’ll see, I can’t see them holding back anything at this point.

    Getting Instructions

    PhilosophyMJR yea they just need to disrupt Brees and keep him off the field.

Kenneth Ly

Saints is going to crush the Titans.

    Matthew Owens

    Idk man we got to play like we did last week can’t take no teams lightly anymore

Jerry Pore Jr.

Saints got this on Sunday. Keep playing the way the Saints are playing, they’re okay. WHO DAT!

Captain D

Might be close since we’re in their house but saints 28-24


This will be a good one.

Getting Instructions

I don’t see my Titans winning this at all 🤦🏽‍♂️. Secondary is decimated, Mike Thomas will have a minimum of 10 catches. Derrick Henry has only a leg and a half and can’t kick it into 3rd gear right now. 33-24 Saints. Vrabel needs more talent at CB. Ryan is a playmaker but he can’t cover elite WRs. I say we draft Jeff Okudah or Chase Young next year🤷🏽‍♂️ defense would finally be complete especially with Young.

Fabian Ramirez

Titans need to root for the jets to beat the Steelers
Titans win 24-22

Drew Vigil

I think it’s going to be impossible for the Tennessee Titans to beat the saints knowing that New Orleans has a tough offense a defense that is somewhat good this year and also Michael Thomas

Hugh Jass

“Saints and a ridiculously hot quarterback” that’s mega gay

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