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D3AL Reply

Colts Fan always First ❤️

It’s Me The Man Reply

Most legendary thing ever

Nick Hodge Reply

First like

TTG Still Reply

BIG Q💪💪💪💪

Grant Barretto Reply

This isn’t the content we need.. It’s the content we deserve 😂

Robbie Richards Reply

Lol there awesome

Greg C. Reply

Just strap..this..around…never mind.

The Ghost of Andrew Luck Reply

It’s good to see the pro bowl guys having some fun. Ryan Kelly needed to relax a bit and have fun. He’s always dead serious.

Stefan Witkowski-Baker Reply

I am so happy right now.

Stevie Armstrong Reply

It’s#IndianapolisColltsNation4Life Here We Is Coming 💪 This Year

Stevie Armstrong Reply

Let’s Go My Colts

Ben B Reply

Q “talking” on the phone with his mom is PRICELESS!!!😂😂😂

extra Reply

imagine going to disney and seeing these big boys 🤣 i would freak outtttttt

ItsRyanA Reply

Seeing those two in a teacup going round must’ve been quite a sight that I would’ve absolutely loved to see.

Collin Telesz Reply

*sheds tear*
That’s my guard…
That’s my center

Collin Durre Reply

“Can you say “Go Colts?” 😂

Dmack Reply

I totally wish I was there with them tbh haha

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