Navigating a New NFL World, Jamal Adams in Seattle | Arizona Cardinals – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Navigating a New NFL World, Jamal Adams in Seattle | Arizona Cardinals

As Kliff Kingsbury said, the Arizona Cardinals are entering uncharted territory with a training camp filled with COVID-19 protocols – and Paul Calvisi, Darren Urban and Kyle Odegard are also trying to figure out this new NFL world. Among the topics: If the Cards may have any players opt out, what happens until the team gets on the field for practices in mid-August, how the limited practice time and continued virtual meetings could impact the season, potential #CardsCamp battles (or if there can even be any), the Seahawks’ trade for Jamal Adams, and Paul’s sideline chances in 2020.

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OG Khael


    larry pizzaboy

    Yes sir

Braden Tyrell

Dangit jamal why seattle(maybe we trade a 3rd 2021 a 4 2022 and a 5 2021 for yannick ngakgoue or david njoku ohhh wait)

ryan damon


Aiden Peters

Who else gets pumped when they see that their is a new cards vid then realize it’s just a cards underground😐

    no pain no gain

    At least it’s better than Cardinals Cover 2



Ranfery Sanchez

Best Roster in the NFL. GM HC DC QB WR DEF

she cumn over


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