Myles Garrett Reinstated & Additions to Coaching Staff | 2 Minute Drill – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Johnny G

Go Browns!

Jennifer Rudzinski

Hell yeah!!!!!

Shirley Allen


Joshua Lagger

Welcome back Garrett we support you.

Fanny Buster

Why does a player who gets hit with the helmet gets no concussion ,but if you wear the helmet you get a concussion..??

Noahs Movies

11-5 next year, or 2-14 really anything is possibly

    Pirre Jonathan

    Noahs Movies I see more wins than that

    Noahs Movies

    Pirre Jonathan I hope so

    Ryan Voneman

    Noahs Movies 16-0 Super Bowl

Jermaine Sledge

He just passed over Callie Brownson! ???

Daniel Torres

Welcome back go browns

just one bite

1 thumbs down from Mason.

    David Ratchford

    F you ya ahole


    Nah it’s from Charles Pinkett.

Andy G

he can come out saying he’s taken White Sensitivity training

Chad W

It didn’t seem fair that they suspended him for just trying to put Mason’s helmet back on

    El Ali

    Chad W lol

Dragonic Overlord The End

Welcome back, Myles. I don’t blame you for what happened but please stay cool this time. We can’t have you getting suspended again

Ryan Voneman

Welcome Back Myles Garrett……We Need You This Season We Got A Super Bowl To Get To This Year

Ken Evans


Jim Harris

Great to hear Myles, everybody’s pulling for you. Except maybe Rudolph.

Jason Young

Alright this is the year Myles brakes the Browns single season sack record & gets the NFL Sack title

Itz Leg Day

i thought we hired a DL coach from SF and linebackers coach??

Perry Reed

Myles owe himself a dpoy


It didn’t seem fair

Austin Miller

It’s so good to have Myles Garrett back so hopefully this time he sacks the quarterback instead of hitting him with a helmet I’m also hoping that he Kareem hunt and Odell Beckham jr. Stay out of trouble and that God keeps his mighty hand on them and helps them behave themselves so I can get their autographs

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