My Cause My Boots | Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders 2019 – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

My Cause My Boots | Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders 2019

Today we dance for a cause. 37 causes, and 37 reasons why this is more than just another game spent on the sidelines. These are our Lucchese boots, and these are our causes! MyCauseMyBoots

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Amazing cause and beutiful talented Dallas cowboys cheerleaders cowboys win that for you 44-21 y ou do a grenat job DCC for motivated jour cowboys. Best tram ever . A lots of emotion in this team thats why thé cowboys are thé américains team for ever

Jeanne Lucas

I am glad that I got to see what everyone chose. I am NOT happy that none of the girls got to explain their choices. Maddie’s clip a few years ago was very moving.

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