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Cory Williams

Can’t blame that on Mitch


    No sir he is player better… He made mistakes but over all showed some goodod things..

JP Bear Down Fam!

Patience, wisdom(Understanding), and the drive to succeed are the intangibles I see in you after watching you play week after week. Your time is here and now appreciate everything and take nothing for granted. Thank you and all the fellas for being legendary in the things you do on and off the field. Go Bears!


    What a chode-sucker .. get real man, we stink.

    James Barlow

    What sentimental slop on behalf of a bunch of losers!

Emperor Penguin

I wouldn’t put this loss on Mitch, anyone who does didn’t watch the game or is just a butt hurt hater

    puppet master


    Thomas Willard

    Didn’t he throw 2 pics?

    Windy City sniper

    @puppet master on the frozen tundra you would leave your house in that weather let alone play football stfu bum

    J P

    Emperor Penguin
    Was Trubisky the one not converting third downs? Or was someone else playing QB?

Joe's Tales From The Lawn Side

Yes open the field up in the 1st half. Nagy


Gotta be Better in 2020, Not enough execution down the stretch. 🐻⬇

OG Skywalker

cordarrelle with a clean hit and turnover no no no that was illegal 15 yd penalty to an already muffed kick boom free points cordarrelle with a clutch catch both feet in bounds wait nobody had there glasses on he’s out of there 3 points for the bears. The man couldn’t catch a break today lol

    Theo Lyons

    That play changed the game! He blew Tramon Williams up and they cheated us!

    max perez

    No pylon cam. NFL has a camera and mic on everything why this one time we don’t

    A Chicagos Fan Perspective

    I agree. NFL is it rigged? Nonethe less Nagy gave away too many games too early this year.

    OG Skywalker

    Notice how we are the only team to have to play the saints in our division and the only team besides the lions who have to play mahomes aswell it was literally set up for us to fail lol literally called it as soon as the media went crazy about the packers and there new coach all off season it’s like a packers redemption arc since the golden boy missed the playoffs the last 2 seasons bears football is boring to casual fans defense defense defense the nfl doesn’t wanna push that

Bears fan Till I die

I love ya Mitch, you have grown man and I am seeing so much growth of u now, you are our QB for the future, ik everyone has. Been giving u crap for the past, but u ignored it and matured, I am excited to see u Next season and slay the entire League

    Ryan ???

    He needs competition in camp next year. He isn’t the future he still needs to prove it. He should have been intercepted like 6 times today.

    Tynan Skinner

    Ryan ??? Rodgers should’ve been picked like 3 times as well. Should’ve doesn’t count.

    Sgt. Awesome1000

    Exactly how I feel rn

el indio

Good job Mitch….our blockers suked bolas AGAIN

Jimbo da Street minista

You won me over mitch I’m on board.. The problem is Nagy..

Rene Fuentes

Proud of u MITCH i no the couple picks but u never gave up fight till end all we can ask as fans lets finish strong last 2 games

Kucci Ku

I love how Mitch is throwing shots at play calling on not moving the line or doing screen passes. Hes deffently getting confidence

    Nappi A. ssassin

    @Lamuel J Sackson Mitch Trubisky is 1 of if not the worst Starting QB’s in the NFL if you can’t see that then direct blindly towards yourself.

    OG Skywalker

    Your saying sam darnold, Andy dalton, Jamis I throw 4 picks a game Winston, Baker mayfield, etc are better then Mitch ????? Dude gtfoh

    Nappi A. ssassin

    @OG Skywalker Dude STATS says he is one of the Worst QB’s in the game not my idea just Facts.

Jeff Adams

Hang in there Mitchell, a lot of us still believe in you brother ❤️❤️❤️

    puppet master

    delusional, he’s a bust.

    James Barlow

    He stinks

Michelle Ezeugo

I’m sorry The Green Bay Packers beat you Mitch but you did a great job. Bear Down. 🐻⬇️

Cheron Carter

The bears versus the reffs naggies dumb calls and no running game equals a lost

    Willie L. Terry Jr.

    I guess Chuck Pagano and the defense giving up two touchdowns after halftime had nothing to do with the loss huu? smh

    Rich Lo

    No TE and OL..that is the biggest issue

Lamuel J Sackson

Played a good game man.. could’ve helped with the play calling but it’s hard to win when calls go against you when in fact they shouldn’t have (both against Patterson) lol but still had a shot even with those calls… wasn’t out year with the injuries and all but for fucks sake someone get this man an O line… starts with drafting/signing a replacement for Leno and Massie

Edit: And still 🐻⬇️ MFs

Jason_ Todd_is BATMAN

I go to my first bears game and they lose and don’t even score 😭😭😑🐻⬇️ next season is hopefully looking bright because we all know the Packers ain’t making pass the playoffs anyway

Robert McPhail

Mitch: “The film doesn’t lie.”

Shout out to Dr. Phil!! Hopefully the team watches “The Tape Never Lies” – Bears Barroom. Check it out.

    OG Skywalker

    I’m gonna tell ya this if you don’t watch the tape never lies your opinion is just irrelevant my dude it literally shows you play by play breakdowns pretty much showing you that it’s way deeper then Mitch I know your a casual fan only came back because we were good last year but you should definitely check it out because it’s far from Mitch’s fault yeah he didn’t play his best this year but worst qb in The league no definitely not

    Nappi A. ssassin

    @OG Skywalker Ok silly guy I have seen many episodes of Tape never lies and can tell you that Mitch is about par with Blake Bortles and if you think Mitch is top 15 QB’s in the League behind tape never lies stop smoking what your smoking watching it.

    The B-Team Airsoft

    Nappi A. ssassin yeah you probably should watch the game next time.

    Nappi A. ssassin

    @The B-Team Airsoft Funny have you been to Bears games like I have?? Have you listen to Bears Beat writer Jeff Dickerson talk about Mitch?? Jeff covers the bears and says Mitch struggles in practice as well as games. Soo Mitch struggles this years is not a big surprise to him.

    The B-Team Airsoft

    Nappi A. ssassin I can see our o-line faultering from my couch way better than you can from the nosebleeds.


I loathe the Mc-crapskeys! They have obliterated the credibility of the franchise and the legacy of George Hallas and the team he raised to prominence! SELL THE PISSING TEAM TO SOMEONE WHO ACTUALLY KNOWS WHAT THEY’RE DOING AND DOESN’T SABOTAGE EVERYTHING WITH STUPID NEPOTISM!!!


Once again, Mitch–carefully–politely alludes to the fact that they could have rolled him out a bit more to take some pressure off the O-line & open it up. The NBC Sports players said it again. And we wondered it while watching the game. I did like that they at least used some uptempo again. We need more consistent effective play calling !

S. Luna

Idk how these players do it. I couldn’t keep my composure up there after this loss. I’ll take the fine on calling out these horrendous refs.

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