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Mitchell Trubisky focused on finishing strong

Quarterback Mitchell Trubisky addresses the media after Thursday's practice at Halas Hall.

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Chairman Meow

Our entire oline needs to be replaced or Mitch is toast.


    Bad OL= no room to run.
    No room to run = predictable pass situations.
    IMO, you must fix the OL first, bring a veteran QB with the potencial to be a starter and see what Mitch can do.


    @Maximus4EVER Jay Your assessment would make sense if the run game was decent but that’s trash too. The line is the common denominator.

    Hector Gomez

    How they going to get rid of Leno or Bobby wen they on contracts but yes we new some new blood at the oline

    Maximus4EVER Jay

    @AllDay3004 I can make that assessment because Mitch problems are fundamentals. He has missed open players with a clean pocket. He has been inaccurate with a clean pocket. Hes a one read QB. The play call has to be perfect for him. On 4th and 23rd this chump threw a check down 5yd pass. Didnt even try to go downfield. Hes a low tier QB

    Marino Blocker

    @Maximus4EVER Jay Right!


Let’s finish strong and beat the Vikings 🐻⬇️

    Midwest Krazy83 Turner

    Nope! Not in Minnesota


    Midwest Krazy83 Turner ok Vikings fan you got no cook

    Midwest Krazy83 Turner

    @Ghosty5623 no a Bears fan. But I just know Minnesota is gonna pull off a win


    Midwest Krazy83 Turner We did better against the packers then they did so and sorry of calling you a Viking fan.

    Midwest Krazy83 Turner

    @Ghosty5623 oh it’s cool. It’s just that this season has been one big heartbreak

AA Gaming

Chicago bears are still my favriote team🐻⬇️

    Midwest Krazy83 Turner

    Mine too, but this is a heartbreak frfr, now it took at least 4 yrs to put this team together. They gave up picks and moved up to get Mitch, which to me is a whole bust. And the next class coming up the wacker teams about to get their QB..SMH, while we’re stuck once again.

    dan sloan

    You’re an idiot!

Censored 1

3 years in and Mitch still hasnt learned when rolling out dont take a sack just throw the ball away…he is terrible and saw a fun fact today his pass protection over this season is almost identical to Mahomes

    Midwest Krazy83 Turner

    Wow! I hope the owners and others that put this fucking team together are looking thru all these things..smh

    Charles Jones

    Haha Mohomes has one of the best LT in the game we have mr. Trash Leno…

    Lamuel J Sackson

    😂😂😂 this guy said the O line is in good shape


    The Chiefs have had offensive line issues all season. Many injuries. Offensive line issues played a part in Mahomes having injury problems. Mahomes has had a bad ankle, and his knee kept him out of a few games. Yet look at his stats compared to Falsebisky.




He always seems pissed off and low energy

    Lucas Tichler

    @Mike Shirvis yeah but they have a run game to help them

    Mike Shirvis

    @Lucas Tichler build a perfect team and he would still be the weakest link. I wish it was not true, but it is reality.

    Mike Shirvis

    And QB is by far the most important piece of the puzzle.

    Nicolas Bernardini

    @Mike Shirvis their receivers don’t lead the league in dropped passes, and they have a run game

    Mike Shirvis

    @Nicolas Bernardini wish that wasnt true…we need a lotta help

Josue Silva

Fix the o-line first, nobody can play well when you’re surrounded by revolving doors

    Lamuel J Sackson

    @jociah dont forget TE… and maybe a capable play caller


    @Lamuel J Sackson agreed! I say give nagy, mitch, and pace one more year ! If next year they don’t make the playoffs, then switch them out !

    Robert McPhail

    jociah… it would still be Trubisky’s fault. I have learned so much about the media the last couple years. They will continue to push narratives regardless of the evidence in front of them.


    Midwest Krazy83 Turner dashawn Watson doesn’t have a really bad o line. They have a decent run game and he gets sacked a lot but a lot most scrambling qbs tend to get sacked more keeping the play alive

    cedric celino

    Revolving doors 😭😭💀

Nathan 75

They need to find another team to pick up half his salary then try to bring in Bridgewater.

    Nathan Mccumber

    We don’t need them we just need Mike McCarthy guaranteed to wins against the Packers

    Lucas Tichler

    Bridgewater won’t leave the saints

    Nathan 75

    @Lucas Tichler idk man Brees will be back next year and Bridgewater wants to be a starter. It’s doubtful that the bears move on from Trubisky or Naggy until 2021 though.

Davon Phillips

he does make enough to buy a new shirt or does he just wanna tell us he chasing great every press conference?

    Moe Snert

    Davon Phillips hes a Lamar wannabe

Rich Lo

Get rid of that shirt. It starting to look like a joke…

Brian K

He just doesn’t have the mind… the wit… the process speed. It’s too bad he’s a good dude

    Mike Shirvis

    Brian K …exactly

    Nicolas Bernardini

    He just doesn’t have the oline or receivers that can catch


    Nicolas Bernardini that’s bull crap… he had receivers and overthrew them all the time!!

    Mike Shirvis

    @Troyboy -yup mitch’s accuracy and touch on long and short throws is sub par

MiketheYung God

Vikings won’t be playing starters since they will be the sixth seed. Bears win is no big deal.

Matt Skiba

Hahaha this is a lesson to all you Millennials out there and young fans.
Be careful if you apply to a job, you just might get it. You better be ready cuz you are expected to be once you are hired.

    Mike Shirvis

    Matt Skiba ….I was just saying almost the same comment to someone today

Cheron Carter

No online no tight end one wide receiver and Charles Leno to block what more do they want from Mitch I would look depressed to

    Bill Murphey

    They can say next man up till they’re blue in the face, but losing Kyle Long, Bobby Massie, Taylor Gabriel, and most of the tight end room something had to give!

    Francis Besana

    Jay cutler had worse and took us to the playoffs.

dan sloan

It’s kind of hard to ignore what everyone saying, because everyone is saying the same thing!!!

Nathan Mccumber

Make sure you take a couple of your wide receivers and practice with them all season long

Jerry Kwerve

Bryce Perkins from Virginia is the QB the Bears should look to draft


You weren’t strong this year low energy mitchy! No don’t carry this over to next year!

Aurelio Medina

Keep Trubisky around but bring in some competition for him and fix the o-line.

Francis Besana

he’s a “yes man”, yes men get exposed

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