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Minnesota Vikings All-Decade Team: Wide Receivers

Legendary broadcaster Mark Rosen is joined by ESPN.com's Kevin Seifert, former Minnesota Vikings player and coach Pete Bercich, and the Voice of the Vikings, Paul Allen to discuss who would make their Vikings All-Decade team. In this video, the panel discusses the wide receiver position.

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Keith James

Percy Harvin, yesssssssss!!!
I love my baby Kirk and therefore I will continue to keep you haters/whiners/Google assisted statisticians in check.
Deal with it.


Sydney rice


    Jaeten left after 2010 beginning of the decade

Tenno Tube2

Adam Thielen

    Keith James

    Who doesn’t love Mankato?

JTG 2102

Percy was underrated.


    JTG 2102 just too injury prone


2010 all decade team would have been raw

Brett Favre

Adrian Peterson
Chester Taylor

Sidney Rice
Randy Moss
Percy Harvin

Visthante Shancoe

    Ukulele Productions

    But this decades team also is pretty lit!

ryan damon


Chris S

Sidney Rice ?

Ukulele Productions

Funny is, even thoe Thielen and Diggs both won’t be saticfied with the last season, their still had great years. Can’t wait to see, what they’ll bring us in the future!

Bulking Masterpiece

jarius wright

alsways accountable on 3rd down

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