Minnesota Vikings All-Decade Team: Quarterbacks – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Minnesota Vikings All-Decade Team: Quarterbacks

Legendary broadcaster Mark Rosen is joined by ESPN.com's Kevin Seifert, former Minnesota Vikings player and coach Pete Bercich, and the Voice of the Vikings, Paul Allen to discuss who would make their Vikings All-Decade team. First up, the panel debates the quarterback position.

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1st viewer

    bender rodriguez

    Wow, such an impressively thoughtful contribution to the discussion. So original too. Dumbass.

Duolingo Bird

Kirk is the best quarterback we’ve had this decade, and I don’t think it’s close.

    Keith James

    No, it’s a joke that has gone on for far too long.
    Otherwise why wouldn’t Vikings Arcade have been a thing long before 2019?


    Keith James bro just delete your account idek what you’re talking about

    Keith James

    Why are you replying to me, Lilgrandechile?
    You can go look at my Madden and Call of Duty videos. Yeah, shut up.

Keith James

The social media campaign of the 2019 season was an absolute MESS from beginning to end. Why was Kirk dressed up at those live press conferences like he was going to the Oscars?! It took forever to prep him apparently. He won’t win any Academy Awards from me but uh…yeah, he can hit me whenever he wants to.
Being a quarterback for this team will always be a thankless job but I’ll gladly thank him with my body.


    Wth did I just read?

    Keith James

    The truth. I was playing Madden before Kirk Cousins even started college, Lilgrandechile. Several episode of Catfish have taken place in Minnesota. The most notable being the 2014 episode in which Nev and Max flew a girl to the city of Savage to meet Elijah.
    The Simpsons are still on and they are still talking to the dog on Family Guy so…


    @Lilgrandechile wat


QB of the decade for the Vikes was Case Keenum. No running back to speak of. No Line to speaks of. Felt like he involved himself In the Minnesotian way of life.


    Case made stupid throws and almost cost us the divisional round vs the saints


    Lilgrandechile lol yet he won. He was also cheap salary wise. He also has pocket presence and awareness which Kirk lacks. He can at least scramble and doesn’t fumble the ball as much. I expect Kirk to elevate us to more games then Case Kenum did especially since Case had 1 season and Kirk had now had 2.


    ILOVEMONEY1618 IT TOOK A MIRACLE TO WIN THE GAME! We shouldn’t be in that position but Keenums drives all ended in field goalsYou saw what happened the next game in philly, he couldn’t do crap

Dont CareBear

Teddy played all outdoor home games except one season so to go on passing yards/interceptions as a comparison is kinda pointless


I have to go with Cousins

ryan damon

SKOL 💛💛💜💜

Dan Strikker

Gotta go Kirk, Teddy is a close second

Daniel Ramones

Good selection, Skol

meco mingtomo

If Walsh hits that fg this convo would be a lot different. If you factor in longevity and success teddy would be right there, bc if Walsh makes and if teddy stayed healthy there would be no kirk case or Bradford. Feel free to disagree



    meco mingtomo

    @Octopus OK lol😄

The Iceberg

I’m going Case here. It’s important imo to remember that the Vikings beat 3 playoff teams in 2017 in the Saints twice (11-5), the Rams (11-5), and at Atlanta (10-6). And in 2017 they also had 6 wins against teams with winning records. Compare this to Kirk who has only had 4 wins against winning teams in 2 years. Also the only playoff teams Kirk has beat has been Philly in 2019 (9-7) and the 13-3 Saints (this could be the start of something or an anomaly). The worst regular season record of a team that Case lost to is the same as the best regular season team that Kirk has beat, 9-7. And of 2019 is Kirk’s peak and the Vikes can only go 10-6 then there’s real concern to be had about the 2020 season. I hope Kirk proves me wrong though, purple and gold till I die. SKOL!

REAl REAction

We need an O-Line

tj woodard

Big fan

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