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Minnesota Vikings All-Decade Team: Linebackers

Legendary broadcaster Mark Rosen is joined by ESPN.com's Kevin Seifert, former Vikings player and coach Pete Bercich, and the Voice of the Vikings, Paul Allen to discuss who would make their Minnesota Vikings All-Decade team. In this video, the panel discusses the linebacker position.

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Julian Baldwin

Lol 1

Da Predon


Bass Town Ncs

lovely stuff

Keith James

#SKOL #kirkcousins

Gary Oak

Kendricks. EJ Henderson. Greenway.


    Henderson only had two seasons in the 2010s.

    Gary Oak

    LilKermit still a top 3 easily just on those years. Slim pickings after those three. Henderson and Kendricks are elite level. Greenway was great. Leber is probably the only other one we’ve had that’s above average. Barr is very average and that’s when he’s playing his best. One of the most overrated and overpaid players in the league.

    JTG 2102

    @Gary Oak Oh so you say Henderson? Lol. He was good but was also slow as a mf

JTG 2102

Barr, Kendricks, and Greenway

    JTG 2102

    @Gary Oak yes

    Gary Oak

    JTG 2102 I’ve taken craps that can play football better than Barr. Barr only has one use on the team, that’s keeping kendricks here.

    JTG 2102

    @Gary Oak One use? Lol he’s dominant on the run and blitzing. And has been that way ever since he got here. There’s not one LB from 2010-2019 that was bigger than him in his position. And your crap doesn’t count and you start trying to think of someone better.

    Gary Oak

    JTG 2102 that’s not even close to being true. 🤣 You live in another reality. I think you’ve been hitting that crack pipe with Keith James! Let me guess, you think Cousins is trash too? 🙄

    JTG 2102

    @Gary Oak I don’t smoke anything .

ryan damon


MIT 03

They should do all century teams

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