MINI-MOVIE: Panthers vs. Falcons | Ryan hits 50,000 passing yards – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

MINI-MOVIE: Panthers vs. Falcons | Ryan hits 50,000 passing yards

In a win against Carolina completing a season sweep of the Panthers, Falcons QB Matt Ryan hit the 50,000 career passing yards plateau becoming the 10th QB in NFL history to hit the mark.

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Whiskey Bruh

Congrats Ice!

Falcon BANE77

Shout out to the Men who fight until the end. Play for yourself and Respect of your constitutes. Cowards quit for a Draft Pick. Keep building men. We don’t need these fake fans support anyway. #TherealRiseUp.

    LA Ryan

    That’s exactly what I’ve been telling these bandwagon jumping “fans”. Especially when they start talking that tanking BS.

    A sad falcons Fan

    rise up, real fans till the end.

Blaq Koffee

Sadly won’t be appreciated til he’s gone.


    It’s sad that people think hes the reason we’re losing, realistically its our o- line an coaching that the problem

Mark Futchll

I know it’s been a bad year but rise up


Barner is a legend

Jeffery Parks

I think we will be getting another barner mic’d up video!

Dandre Johnson

Ayye the rookies 0:33


Barner and Hill kill me with that dance and Naruto running.


We going to the super bowl next year and winning.

    Hau Siing

    YES SIRRR!!!!!


    I didn’t want to say it….but 40 points! That’s those Super Bowl year numbers. Matt Ryan didn’t get the nickname Matty Ice for nothing. I believe that with the changes in place with coaching now….we are back on track and will definitely make the run next year.
    Rise UP Brotherhood!

Ryan Flanagan

Rise up falcons

Dirty Bird Tj

Name of song ??

DSW Aqqua

1:33 was cleeaaannn


Now these are my Dirty Birds that we are used to seeing! 5 straight wins. Big Ups to the Defense! Hold it Down. Big Ups to the O-line, doing the grudge work and giving Matty Ice time to make history. Keep up the good work fellas; and don’t forget that we the true fans will never leave you – win or lose – we are Falcons Fans.
And you just Gotta Love Barner and his commentary! Love it. Get grinding and gettin yours Barner! And I nothing but Big Ups to Ridley – making Julio’s life just a tad bit easier; because we ALL know Juuuuuuuuulio is gonna get his, along with the other weapons in Hooper and Hardy.
Congrats to Olamide Zaccheaus, first catch, first touchdown of many to come.
Big Ups to ALL of the guys in the back up rolls and on the depth chart….we see you; we know what roll you play – you are part of the team and help how and when needed.
Thank you team management for making the much much needed adjustment – now we are back on track.
Stay healthy team and finish strong while we prepare for next year.

Preston Flowers


Testarossa Sosa

Matt Ryan aint no *HO!* Dude breaking/setting records putting up good numbers the problems with the team this year was definitely not his fault and I’ll go so far as to say if he started his career with any other team he would’ve had a SB ring by now

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