MINI-MOVIE: Gurley, Julio and the boys are BACK | AT&T Training Camp – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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Santiago Tadeo Contreras Macedo Reply

Let’s go guys you gotta give it your all this season

Jazzy Jeff Real Talk Reply

I can’t wait to see TG tote the rock!! 💪🏽

    Daniel Parkerson Reply

    I’ve been telling people he’ll be healthy this season since before we got him. People has such short memories….he’ll remind them this year

    Davy Brazell Reply

    Gurley is going to prove alot this year for another BIG PAYDAY. I’m going to say it now 1000 rushing + 1000 receiving.

    Noahlikessoda Gaming Reply

    Bro it’s over man he is not healthy

Salih Agarevic Reply

Rise up Falcons Nation.

Julian Mapp Reply

Let’s Go !!!!! Rise Up

Mike Barner Reply

All I’m Saying Is..We Look Ready 💯 #RiseUp #Brotherhood #StillStand

Jackson Bates Reply

Mic up Julio!!!!!

    Whokq Reply

    He dont talk tho

    Connor Crist Reply

    Oh he talks I can guarantee that

Courtland Griffith Reply

I’m so sick of Orlando Ledbetter.

BSmooth Reply

What I hear when DLed talks: derp derp daderpy derp derp derpy daderp. Literally every time

joerod1990 Reply

Why does Todd Gurley sound like a duck?

P. Rich Reply

If our defense can perform at a top 15 overall level, I like our chances to win the South and have home field advantage in the playoffs. Its all about the defense and oline tho… we’ll go as far as they allow us

Daniel Bradley at FSS Future Star Sports Reply

Redemption through victory equals pride!

Daniel Bradley at FSS Future Star Sports Reply

You gotta believe!

Davy Brazell Reply

I believe Julio has alot to do with ATL signing Gurley. & also believe that Todd Gurley is healthy & hungry too prove something. #RiseUp

    Noahlikessoda Gaming Reply

    No his knees aren’t working the same as they used too it’s sad but I think this might be his last season

    Davy Brazell Reply

    @Noahlikessoda Gaming Retire young and life life.

    Nmelvin 15 Reply

    @Noahlikessoda Gaming Gurley got like 10 years in him stop speaking negative fr. Watch how he prove you wrong dawg

    Noahlikessoda Gaming Reply

    Nmelvin 15 be quiet bum you will see soon enough

Call of duty Master8889 Reply


Floyd Donnelly Reply

Getfeady for defense seriously thissidewedrafted wow

Floyd Donnelly Reply


Floyd Donnelly Reply


Noahlikessoda Gaming Reply

As much as I love to see Todd Gurley on the team I would rather him not mess up his knees than play for us.

    Derrius Hammond Reply

    As much as i would love to see u shut up i would rather u shut up than talk about what’s best for Todd Gurley

Mark Carazo Reply

Forever a falcon fan #blessup men we will get it this season

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