Mike Zimmer Hands Out Game Balls To Kirk Cousins & Kyle Rudolph, Gives Speech After Win Over Saints – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Mike Zimmer Hands Out Game Balls To Kirk Cousins & Kyle Rudolph, Gives Speech After Win Over Saints

Watch Minnesota Vikings Head Coach Mike Zimmer's locker room speech after Sunday's Wild Card win over the New Orleans Saints.

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Phu Le

Let’s go! Can’t be more happy


I’ll admit this was a good win for the Vikings. I always believed kirk could be clutch but I didnt know when

    Josh Winter

    garett schwindling he threw an absolute dime to Theilen in overtime in the biggest game of his career. He can’t get much more clutch than that

    Nashville Boss

    AGK927 no you didn’t 🤥

    Levi Kragt

    @MafiaboysWorld as much as I hate cheeseman, I doubt he’s a virgin, wisco chicks give it away for free.


    @Levi Kragt Even then, when they see him they just tell him to keep on walking and not even look at them. 😁👍



iz thefaithful

😂 “you like that”

    Dayton J Vlogs

    iz thefaithful shouldve been you like dat

    iz thefaithful

    Dayton J Vlogs LoL true

    G. T.

    Yeah, you like that!

CooL LarrY

I don’t like that. I love that.

    Lawrence Daniels

    That’s very “funny”, CooL LarrY!

    anderson Lee

    Lawrence Daniels u gay


Wise words from Kirk cousins “you like that?”

Jonah Rohr

i don’t even know why i’m here i’m a bears fan🤣🤣. but good win, u guys worked really hard this season and i’m rooting for you in the playoffs.


    Much respect I hope the Bears do better next year wishing you guys good luck. 👍 Jonah Rohr

    ZZZtentacion StunningSteph#30

    L cody parker missed your chance at a sb run last year 😂😂

    Alan J

    I’m a bears fan too. Vikings over Packers any day 🙂

    I'm Just Saiyan

    Love to the bears & lions. Because we all hate the packers

Webster Kollie

Saints are paying for their bounty-gate dues one playoff game at a time

    Brett Wall

    B A literally there was an investigation Into it and it came out that it was so what are you talking about


    @B A It happened and the Saints are paying for it. One and done.

    Evan Stanek

    They still have a dang trophy in their cabinet, ’til we get one it’s not over IMO


    The year is 2039. The world is on the brink of chaos.

    Amidst the turmoil, Drew Brees and his family have been shot in the streets and then burned at the stake.

    Vikings fans have staged a rally declaring their murders justice for the unspeakable crime of bountygate 30 years prior.

    Brad Childress has announced that all that is left now is for New Orleans to hand over the head of Sean Payton and his first born son, and then finally the score can be settled once and for all.

Progressive Talk

Vikings fan for 35 years. They proved me wrong today. Great win today boys! SKOL!!!


    Bernie Sanders is a fucking idiot.



    anderson Lee

    ^ what he said lmao


    Bernie Sanders is gay

Seek Blu

Bro I got chiIls when he said you like that😂

    King SwitchBlade

    Mt. Rushmore of Battle Rap Comments. The fact you haters, they just celebrating leave them alone


    Man there are some weird insecure motherfuckers in this comment section. Let the dude get chills for the football team he loves. Yall really aint as tough as you think you are . I get chills all the time over sports highlights, movies, music , you name it and I would still starch all yall fools

    Brotato Chip

    Yeah dude same, I watched that part like 10 times lol


Hahahahaha. I can’t wait for sounds of the game.

Tommy Knucks

Same pitch and everything haha
Kirk “you like that” Cousins

joe castles

Coming from a redskins fan I got a little chocked up when I saw this live………happy for him and his team,good luck in the later rounds……….

    MC Studios


    Hanna Naegeli


    Wynston Williams

    Respect 💪🏾💪🏾


    I feel bad for Redskins fans. That was once a very proud and successful franchise. Until man-child Dan Snyder took over and destroyed that team. Worst owner in football.


As a Skins fan, I love this. Go get that SB Vikings

    MC Studios


Anthony Hallberg

Everyone- “Cousins always chokes in the big games”.

Cousins- “Hold my beer”.

Lets goooo Vikes

    jesse donaldson

    And I kinda got high lol

    Unknown Unknown

    Stop posting these Stupid Comments!!


    The “experts” will never be happy with his accomplishments. I think they are butt hurt that their over hyped RG3 was a complete bust and they just cannot handle it that Cousins is light years better. No matter what he does, it will never be enough. Can’t win the big prime time game. He wins the prime time came. Can’t win a playoff game. He wins the playoff game Getting to the Super Bowl won’t be enough for these double standard clowns. He could even win that and they’ll make excuses why it wasn’t enough. They will give the defense credit or claim the opponent had too many injuries or just wasn’t that good of a competitor. It will always be something. Even if some day he makes it to the HoF, there will always be some “expert” trying to attach an asterisk to his achievements.


    @jonesyrdu Agreed, for some odd reason the media and some fans treat Cousins to different standards from others.


my only wish before I die is to hear kirk cousins say: “You Vike That?!” After they win the superbowl…


    facts… skol

    Rene Ramos

    epictrollerguy same here. Is now or never. Thielen is back. Hats off to the defense. They hold Brees to 1 TD.

    Fernando Ortiz-Robles

    You damn right

Thomas Faust

“You like that!” 😂 what a voice crack

    Selina Mello

    that voice crack was exceptional!

    MIT 03

    The whole game he had so many voice cracks

    Vagina Crusher

    Thomas Faust just like in Washington! A true legend

    Robbie Richards

    it’s cuz he was yelling so loud in that stadium and to MITs point he had a lot during the Game although I may have had more tbh

    Erik G

    MIT 03 “ One Eighteeee”

No Gun Kills

I’m about to run through 40 brick walls for Kirk and this team

    iz thefaithful

    No Gun Kills 😂👌🏾


    😂😂😂😂😂 love it

Joel Solomon • 7 years ago

That voice crack tho. “YOU LIKE THaAAaAaAT?!”

    Shan Lowry-Luther

    Just saying he was yelling all game lol


    his voice was cracking all game long when he was calling plays at the line

myles francois

My heart just filled with joy after coach said “number 8” and his teammates just stared going crazy ❤️

    What Ever


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