Mike & Wes Preview Packers vs. Seahawks | Game Preview – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
James LaBrue

A win would shut deangelo halls mouth up about the packers.

    Darth Maul

    Seahawks are tough to beat. But any given sunday anything can happen. Im excited but kinda scared for this matchup


    Not to mention Skip Bayless!!

Darth Maul

Metcalf is the best rookie reciever i have seen in years. Its probably because hes so tall. Reminds me of jerry rice and randy moss.


    Darth Maul Julio Jones too

    Divine Comedy

    he reminds me of megatron

    James Barlow

    King will eat his lunch.

Mark ODay

I wish Kenny felt better. He is beast like when healthy

    James Barlow

    He’ll be alright
    He’ll surprise.

Geno Sciacca

Pursue Russell don’t chase him by not letting him get behind you kind of like Dungy’s Bucs vs Vick and corners don’t give up the big play streak route which Seattle loves to do.

Geno Sciacca

To the Packer fans at the Seahawks side of the field pour some beer on Wilson when he exits the tunnel to rile him up before the game

Parke Obrien

Please Packers run a trick play!!! DO something that shocks the Seahawks. GO PACK GO !!!!

i gumby

Believe me boys,all week I’ve been like a kid on Christmas eve.I CANNOT ,but must wait 2 more daze!!!! GO PACK GO!!!!!!!

Mike Kamaleddine


Blk Pig

“Our number one problem here is to defeat defeatism.” V.Lombardi – 1958


I do agree on Marshawn Lynch. He’s now got 3 weeks to be on page with their rushing schemes, he’s having some rythm goin’, still owns that special power of his, maybe has a little extra-motivation comin’ back from retirement, and I’m pretty sure Carroll will give him a lot more snaps than last week, givin’ his experience, his big success in the past playoffs, and more importandly givin’ these weather conditions. Don’t forget he played some in Buffalo; he knows that cold feel. So that means the Packers need to be ready to defend between tackles, making sure to put enough weight on the middle line of scrimmage. That says how critical is the presence of Kenny Clark and Lancaster in full strength.

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