Mike & Wes preview Packers at Lions | Gameday Preview – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Antonio Gomezlince

Go seapacks Go!!!!!! Jajajaja


Mike looks like an uncomfortable 9 year old at his First Communion

    Biraj Yogi

    kpd987 this is funny! Thanks for making me laugh!!!😂😂

peter macura

GO PACK GO I want to see us actually destroy a team this season let’s make it this one!

James Barlow

Is there a reason why our team propagandists have to attend the game in Detroit dressed like Vegas mafia bag men?

    P KC

    Think it’s their prom suits😬😬only ones they own😉

James Barlow

Wes is on speed again (tsk tsk)

Jeremy Robinson

Packers we need that 1# seed home field Advantage in January cold weather

Ask About Socialism/ Ask About Inequality

Crazy to think that mike was the young guy in the crew just a few years ago is crazy.

bruce woodcock

Rogers is a shadow of his former self, to complacent when making decisions, he is running scared looking afraid of any type of Blitz. Just look at his body, especially his arms, he h as s arms like a woman,he used to have definition there and throughout his whole body, he doesnt want to push his body im case of Injury..He is seriously on the brink of retirement, so he can relax with his never won a Formula One race of any note, they are a mstch made in Heaven, doing nothing ,just doing business ventures raking in the dough, without any threat of getting hurt.he may win one game, then he will be one and done.Goodnight Irene.!!!

    P KC

    bruce woodcock well aren’t we just one unhappy…jealous..ray of sunshine?
    I don’t see you out there playing…nor will Aaron lose any sleep over your concerns😏

    James Price

    Lol WUT


Destroy yes….BUT stay healthy……it’s games like this where too many risks are taken
And we lose key players….the Lions have nothing to lose…we do! Go PACK GO👍👍 one game at a
Time…then get to Miami!!!!


Matchup of the day—-Golladay vs King.  Foreshadowing of King’s playoff potential.  Liability or viability?

Last Of A Dying Breed

We doing bad smh , it reminds me how the Vikings were doing so smh we lose this one don’t even think we making anywhere near the super bowl .


It was a pretty unusual year of football, but not surprised by today. The run is over for this year but hopefully they will jell together for next year. Mainly stay consistent…..

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