Mike Vrabel: The Effort of Our Team is Something Our City and Fans Can Rally Around – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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Tornado Freaks Reply


    Cole Pratt Reply

    Anonymous Trucker Patriots weren’t playing well when the Chiefs and Texans beat them

    Anonymous Trucker Reply

    @Cole Pratt no excuses. Texans will win afc south . Sorry try again next year

    Cole Pratt Reply

    Anonymous Trucker Not after how you played today

    Anonymous Trucker Reply

    @Cole Pratt I’m not a Texans fan. The Broncos beat them just like they did the Titans. So whats your point now?

    Cole Pratt Reply

    Anonymous Trucker When the Titans has Mariota dumbass, he took us to 2-4, with Tannehill we’re 6-7 and playing WAY better than the Texand

Mykal Ruvolo Reply


Dellway Hellway Reply


TheWilder30 Reply

Great Win Coach!!!  #TITANUP

Cristian Elvis Reply

#TitanUp let’s beat the Texans next weekend 💪

Mike LaBo Music Reply

Do the Titans gotta win a superb owl before we can get a mic for the reporters?

    Cristian Elvis Reply

    @Mike LaBo Music lol ik right😂

    Strangely Enough Reply

    You can always tell when it’s Kuharsky, but you still have to listen to answer to have any idea what the question was

    Randy Porter Reply

    Mike LaBo Music LOL! I have posted that every week. I’ve asked “What would happen if a mic was placed in the reporter pool, so fans could share in the questions ??” Instead, we listen to the response, pause the video, collaborate with everyone in the room, call other fans, flip coins, then “guess” at what the question MAY have been !

    Mike LaBo Music Reply

    Randy Porter I hear you. Folks have been complaining for years. I bet they wonder why these pressers and their YT videos don’t get more attention and likes. I love this team but this channel is a mess.

    Randy Porter Reply

    Mike LaBo Music I agree Mike ! If nothing else, if they would pan the camera at the reporter, when they asked their question, we could retain a lip reader to prepare a transcript. Just looking at options..

Jeff Miller Reply

Great game!! Keep up the good work! #TITANUP!!!

Rick Messina Reply

It feels great having a offense that can score like they have . Never since the Titans came here do I remember a consistent receiver with more than 100 yards . Ever! We have the weapons on offense to win a Super Bowl if our defense can play consistent and our kicker gets healthy. Succop was always automatic and since the injury he has never been the same. I love this offense. The pass protection was finally there also.

    Anonymous Trucker Reply

    Pass protection? Wait til the Texans and Saints get ahold of you then we’ll see what you say

    RotaryPerfection Reply

    @Anonymous Trucker Were was the Saints and Texans pass rush today?

    Anonymous Trucker Reply

    @RotaryPerfection Idk didn’t watch the games. But Titans oline suxx, they need to trade Marriotta for a LG or RT

    RotaryPerfection Reply

    @Anonymous Trucker Why you changing the subject away from you pass protection? Trade deadline was over weeks ago.

Rick Messina Reply

Lets keep this going! I love this offense

King Melanin Reply

We’re a good team. I’m glad everyone is sleeping on us.

overseer Miller0330 Reply

Remember when all yall were saying vrabel sucked and that we should fire him?.?.?.? Where those guys at??

    steven aguirre Reply

    bb yes exactly.. sense he’s been the coach for the team, he’s made a lot of questionable decisions in game. So I’m not quick to give him any credit yet, but I will admit that he has the team believing.

    Evil Duck Reply

    Lets be real here bout every Titans fan said that

    757 Virginia Two Up & Two Down Reply

    @steven aguirre facts 💯💯💯

    shake that ASS Reply

    Exactly and they were saying the players have low IQ’s

    L G R W Reply

    overseer Miller0330 lets see what he does these last three because if he loses these games then we’re just gonna be mired in mediocrity for the 2nd consecutive year

cris johnson Reply

Vrable: more than able

Sorry about the time I called him “unable “ after we slipped to 4-5

Michael Wyatt Reply

Derrick Henry play Like a Gladiator today Ryan Tannehill bullets don’t have no name on it this man was throwing a football like he was shooting bullets defense play good time to shine let’s go titans

Tevren Mitchell Reply

This team is doing the right thing by taking it 1 week at a time.

Jeff Fradsham Reply

the men in two tone Blue have been playing playoff football since denver.

David Maniaci Reply

Tannehill is a beast! That hit on Hurst must have hurt!

Cecil Hunter Reply

Derrick The Hammer Henry

Deiradinn Draven Reply

6 TDS, you do that you usually don’t need a kicker.

John Howard Reply

I just pray they make the playoffs.

Randy Porter Reply

Thanks this coach and this group of players, the fans finally feel “pride” and we thank you all. A big part of that is the “Humble in defeat, more humble in victory” mindset you stress every week. A big thank you to Cosch Gruden, who had so many kind words about this team. He was extremely complementary of the Titans and coach Vrabel.

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