Mike Vrabel on Derrick Henry: I Appreciate His Toughness, It’s Unquestioned – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Thomas Thompson

Let’s go Titan Up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sin City Titan

Our season comes down to 2 games vs. the Texans! #titanup

Bryan Chavez

Think about it he knows that Texans defense fr

Cristian Elvis

Come on Vrabs be the coach we need you to be,#TitanUp 💪


Titan superbowl bound


Let’s go Titan up!! Let’s get in playoffs and win this!!

Fear The Beard 05

10-6 wins the division, but only beating the Texans twice, division record is gonna be a major playout these next 2 outta 3 weeks.

Randy Porter

They are sure asking fans for support on this one and the team has definitely earned it. I just hope that Titans fans don’t sell out the team and the “true” fans, by selling their tickets to fans with antlers on their heads. I have never sold to opposing fans and don’t understand fans who do. But, I’m hoping this game is different and the fans earn the same respect the team has. Titan Up !

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