Mike Vrabel: It’s Hard to Overcome a 14-Point Deficit – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Cut Ryan succop

Saroeut Soeung

Yes snapped on Paul I can’t stand dude..

    Jack Saint-Fort

    What’s Paul’ last name?

    G S

    @Jack Saint-Fort Kuharsky

    Martin Brady

    Can’t stand Paul or can’t stand Vrabel?

    Saroeut Soeung

    @Martin Brady Paul kuharsky


I don’t understand why we can’t do anything in the first half of games. So annoying.

    Evil Duck

    Ikr right we don’t even have an opening drive touchdown this season

    Cecil Hunter

    Evil Duck we can’t ever be up 7-0 lol. Every first drive goes all to hell

    Cristian Elvis

    I dont get why everytime something good happens to us we can’t continue 😒 to do good

Cole Pratt

Come on Paul lmao

Josh Ketchum

I like coach our coach showing he is upset and frustrated shows he cares deeply


    Or is just an AH…


Midday 180 is just 3-4 self absorbed nerds that wanted to be athletes as kids but were never any good

What about Rob?

They should have brought in a better kicker for the end of the year.

    Nickelback Fan

    Agreed! It would’ve been so awesome to see Vrabel in the playoffs with his former Patriots this year. Especially with Derrick Henry and the rest of his great and hardworking team that no doubt would’ve had great potential in the playoffs!

dick johnson

Always seems like Paul’s MO is getting under coach’s skin with his questions

    Seth Fallon

    What did he ask? I couldn’t understand the question


What does the guy in the background say at 5:39 that causes Vrabel to “okay, now…yeah” ?

Martin Brady

A lot of things have to happen for them to make the playoffs. Most likely: Wild Card — they win out and Steelers only split their last two. Other option: Division title — they win out and Texans drop both of theirs.

Bill Rhea

Love Vrables Passion

Lance Warren

Is it really that hard to get a reliable mic so we can actually hear these post game interviews? My god, Titans.

    DeezR Bonards

    Lance Warren PLEASE


The press is so damn gay. Let the fans ask questions for once


Paul is the type of guy to ask is water wet

Erik Castillo

You can tell this loss really got to him. We beat ourselves plain && simple


You gotta love Mike. 🙂

    L G R W

    Gotta hate Ryan succop

Steven Woods

Paul ” is ryan still doing a good job ” 🤣🤣


I’m riding with you coach!! #TITANUP

Indigo Cheef

Vrabel looks like he wanted to cry during this whole postgame interview LMAO

Indigo Cheef

And who stole that kind lady’s phone at the very end?? Lmao

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