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Mike Vrabel: Excited to Get Out of Here with a Win

Titans head coach Mike Vrabel addresses reporters following Tennessee's 16-14 victory over the Denver Broncos on Monday Night Football.

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Nick White Reply

Titan Nation loves you Vrabel…

Andy Cervantes Reply

Close game to ve honest kicker man 9 points missed

    Evil Duck Reply

    10 points actually

willanderson1983 Reply

Everybody except the kicker out played the Broncos. Wasn’t even close. Should have been 26-14

Ederico Jr. Agonia Reply

Congrats, Tennessee. Tannehill had crisp passes on that winning drive but Gost’ needs to make those FGs. Still good start to your season.

Mitchell Burke Reply

Big grind out win for the Titans. I went hard about Gostkowski needing to be replaced but after hearing Vrabel speak about the confidence he has in him, I’m willing to see what Gostkowski brings to the table. Titan Up!

    Nordic Viking Reply

    I had words for Gost during the game lol, but after he did chip in the last FG I’m like alright dude had a bad game lets just reset and move forward

    Faris Touleimat Reply

    titan up

Subscribe MaxMalle Reply

Nice and good game from the Titans

bobbybrooo Reply

“tough place to play”…. zero fans lol

    Potty The Parrot Reply

    Let’s see how Seattle does without their loud fans

    Pandasuck Andshouldntexist Reply

    It more has to do with the altitude I think

DeezR Bonards Reply

3:09 that man got something in both his eyes

King Holmvik Reply

Sloppy game coach

Spit on it paw paw Reply

Hell yea 1-0 baby

Metcraft Reply

I’m jumping in. Oh come on. LOL

khet aliga Reply

Very nice match and a very good performance congrats titans🥳🎉,looking forward 🤩🤩.

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