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Titans have never been stronger than this year.

Cj Leader

Go Titans!!!!!!!

Black Dougy

So guys we still firing Vrabel? 😂😂😂Haaaaa just wait until next week when we go smack the Patriots around.

    Made4You Lol

    Exactly bro they are overrated #titanup

    Cristian Elvis

    Screw Vrabel he’s a pos 😒

    Cristian Elvis


    Randy Porter

    Cristian Elvis What are you basing that statement on ?? I’ve met him and talked with him and he struck me as a great guy.

    Randy Porter

    Black Dougy Exactly ! There’s a better chance of Jason Garrett getting a 10 year extension with Dallas, than Vrabel going anywhere ! 🤣😂🤣

Dee_ 23


tlt40s&w 70

Good job coach, Titan up. You beat bill bellacheat once just do it again

    Randy Porter

    tlt40s&w 70 I’m just concerned about Titans player’s safety at Gillette Stadium. They could easily trip over video cameras, microphones, bugs, cases of the Pats performance enhancers, headset scrambling equipment, deflated footballs and lip readers. Then, if it’s snowing, a Titan could be struck by the snow plows, clearing the path for the Pats field goal unit. Just unique safety concerns for our guys.


Great Job This Year Coach!!! #TITANUP


Number one quarterback in the league and number one running back in the league and number one rookie receiver with the number one receptions per catch and probably a top 5 receiver in AJ Brown, we bout to win a Super Bowl baby, the best most consistent team in all areas we ever had, the defense is riddled with injuries but with two defensive coordinator brains together I’m sure they’ll get the job done. Great win guys

    Made4You Lol

    Mr3191980 yes exactly

    Brandon Judah

    I’m a Titans fan till death but u delusional


    LOL, I almost can’t believe it myself but I just stated the facts. AJ Brown is the offensive Rookie of the Year and number one rookie receiver in the league and got over a thousand yards this year and his per catch averaged is over 20 and that is tops in the league for all receivers. Derrick Henry won the rushing title with over 1,500 yards and his 16 rushing touchdowns tied for number one in the league. And the 10 games Ryan Tannehill played for us this season he is QB rating and yards per completion and completion rate of 77% is number one in the league and he has many other top stats. And the defense has took some hits with injuries but with two defensive coordinators and we have beat the Patriots and the Chiefs within the past 2 years only Baltimore Ravens are in our way and I figure we’ll play the Saints in the Super Bowl and I’m born in New Orleans so at that point either way will be fine with me.

    Brandon Judah

    @Mr3191980 I can respect the optimism but we not going to no super bowl belichick will find a way to beat us 🤷🏿‍♂️ I’m just happy we made it to the playoffs


    Patriots are a tiger with a broken tooth. We still have the scar from the playoffs 2 years ago. They going down. Frfr. I have a good eye.

I watch Hentai Everyday with Senpai

I hope the Bills beat the Texans next week


    I watch Hentai Everyday with Senpai Same

brian Lohse

Next week the key will be to jump ahead early. As to keep Derrick in the game.

Cristian Elvis

Let’s get our postseason win in Foxborough next weekend 💪#TitanUp #SuperBowlBound

Delton Coakley

TITANUP 💪 💪 22 👑


Im calling it were gunna use Marcus almost like Taysom Hill in some crazy plays, just imagine Marcus throwing to Tannehill😂😂

    Josh Huskey

    xceevee as cool as that would be they brought mariota in to get AJ his 1000th yard because they’re close. He cried when Marcus got benched


    Josh Huskey maybe but coach literally said we’re gunna use him in this video lol

    john hart

    I think id rather Tannehill throw to Marcus tho.


Dark horse of the league

Christopher Serrano

We need to pressure Tom Brady! He ain’t too good out of the pocket. Or under pressure

    Michael Wyatt

    You are right about that he is not a out the pocket person somebody hit him one good time ov

Lester Beetlejuice Green

As a Vikings fan congrats titans y’all deserve a playoff spot. Hope y’all beat the patriots.

Randy Porter

There would be no greater pleasure in Mike Vrabel’s career, than going into Foxborough and ending the Patriots post-season, very first game. If the Titans can effectively hide from video cameras, lip readers, microphones in vases, picture frames and furniture, they could do just that. Technology is a wonderful thing, especially team headsets, that allow clear communications between coaches and the QB. However, “opponents” headsets have a history of failing at Gillette Stadium. The Patriots however, have not had their communications interrupted by radio talk shows, weather reports and Jazz music thankfully. Oh and check the air pressure in the footballs perhaps.

757 Virginia Two Up & Two Down

We Got a really Good Coach 💯💯💯💯💯💯💯


The rodney dangerfield of the nfl

Jacob Johnson

They need a duel QB playbook where Marcus can get into his old playstyle and they can maintain their current one with Tannehill

Michael Wyatt

student against teacher its time for the student to step up on the chess bord go Titans

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