Mike Vrabel: Drew Brees, Saints Offense a Huge Challenge – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
James Gower

Saints are going to out coach us ,and if they don’t hang 50 on us before half and Brees doesn’t sit the second half I’ll be shocked. We lost the division with the team we needed to and should’ve beat at home last week. Excuses are weak

    Brandon McGuirt

    We lost by 3, man. It wasn’t a blowout. Texans are a top 10 team, and so are the Saints. It’s gonna be a tough one, but they’re for sure not going to demolish us by any means. Have a little more faith in these guys.

    Zachary Hensley

    @Brandon McGuirt i swear these haters come out of knowwhere

thomas morris

He’s some mean to Paul Lmaooooo

Captain Trips



We are going to look like the Colts when they played the Saints… Colts looked like they were just playing for the final whistle… It will be a painful day but I am hoping for a miracle x(

Dennis Sanchez

hot L for my Titans. need a real coach please.

Ashton C

Yea Vrabel be extra aggressive lol but I rock with him. We’re moving forward let’s learn Grow stay focused and on to the next WIN! WIN! WIN! WIN! WIN!!!!

    Cristian Elvis

    @Aston C”F*** everything else Win! Win! Win! Win!,if u know that song lol😂😂😂 #TitanUp


Some of you negative so called Fans and Paul need to stop being so negative everytime we lose a Game. It happens but the best thing to do Instead of complaining is get your minds right for The Saints Game because they don’t feel sorry for us and their plan is to come light us up. But I believe we gonna win because I believe in our Coaches and Players and I will feel like that all the way to Sunday. Win or lose I’m riding with them!!! Go get em Coach!!!  #TITANUP

    Cristian Elvis

    @TheWilder30 agreed even tho its understandable to be upset,we have to be strong and continue to support our Titans #Titans

Cristian Elvis

Let’s go Titans, #TitanUp 💪 prediction 28-21 Titans Tannehil 250-300 yards 13-20 rushing yards, Henry 13 carries 100 yards 2 TD’s,AJ Brown 1 TD 1p recs 200 yards,Corey Davis 1 TD 5 recs 50-60 yards Vacarro 1 int,Brock 1 Int

Cristian Elvis

Seriously tho Vrabel can’t say whether Succoup hurt himself again or more this past week?

Monica Gilmer

Lol Why does he sound so down and out ?

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