Mike Vrabel: Disappointing Loss, but Focus is Now on Saints – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
James Gower

It’s funny for the old coach and old QB was the problem, but the only season in the last 3 years we have been in the playoffs was when they were in control. Now this guy has came in moved things up and we’re losing games that count and 6 out of the last 7 could’ve gone either way with a call going our way helping us in most of those so how are we BETTER now than 16 answers we’re not in stats or records exactly why did you hire him to accomplish. The running play before the pick went for 8 yards and the next play was a pass interception for a 90 yard return and TD. Play call cost us the game and coaching there 4 other plays that cost us by halftime. Then you come out 14 points down and try to pass pass pass 3 and out fake punt goal coast us fold position and momentum coaching lost that game calling all the time outs with defense that left us in a position that a sack or something like that piss us out of it none of those calls make no sense when Romo calls you out on TV and is right in the end something is getting predictable coaching sucks

Dennis Sanchez

season is now over. fire everybody.


we have our franchise qb now..please resign tanney henry Conklin and ryan…I thought nate davis played good yesterday besides his holding penalty and the last play of the game…our offensive line now looks like a strength…we really need to resign Conklin. then we could use our first 2 picks on dl and lolb

    Rick Noneya

    stop smoking crack, tannehill is not the answer.


    @Rick Noneya he is 6-2..even in his losses he has looked good to me


we had a 14 point swing on just an unlucky play…just too much to overcome without a kicker..we are still a really good football team

    David Maniaci

    The kicker should have bowed out in preseason he knew he was injured from the end of last season. He put this team in a really bad spot with the lack of openness about his injury. Very $elfish of him it seems.

    Rick Noneya

    as long as tight end coach smith is calling plays we aren’t a good team. And tannehill is NOT the answer


Saints don’t matter anymore who cares about the rest of season hang em up..


Good team but need backup running back and cornerbacks

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