Mike McCarthy Explains How to Build a Roster | Dallas Cowboys – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Mike McCarthy Explains How to Build a Roster | Dallas Cowboys

The new head coach has already had a busy week. He sat down to discuss everything from building the roster and his coaching staff to his message to Dak Prescott.

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Welcome Mike

M Realzola

Welcome to the D F dub!
I know you could’ve gone anywhere. But glad you picked us!
You’ll find that we have the most loyal fans there is. The most devoted fanbase there is.
We are behind you .
Let’s go Cowboys!!!

    Cyrogex 1

    He really couldve went 5 places

Nicolas Garcia

Let’s go hire some more good coaches and get this ball moving into free agency.. #DC4L

    voodoo Zombie

    @fire princess really and why is that?

    Jim Johnson

    @ChefGod Gaming got a guy who jumped around from team to team until being demoted to only linebacker coach for New Orleans for 4 years to replace Marinelli, they fired Marinelli aka the guy who took over the third worse defense in NFL history and in his first year led them to the teens ranking without ware and with Sean Lee not playing a game. And in 2 years got them to a top 5 defense and at least top 10 for 4 years straight now without any super stars. So far the coaching staff is getting worse.

    mega cx

    @voodoo Zombie You wont be getting half them.. especially sense Dak will require a great deal of your cap.

    voodoo Zombie

    @mega cx yeah we can

Erôn Àmûn Râ Pârsôn

I’m Sooo Happy 😭😭😭😂 a new Dawn!

Cali Smooth

I wouldn’t be surprised if jerry gifted him one of his properties during his tenor in dallas . Welcome to dallas DC4L

    SpongeBob NiggaPants

    If he wins a superbowl


    Highly doubtful when Jerry can just pay the man


He said getting the instruction to the players is key, that’s big to me cause I don’t think Garrett was ever good at that.


    @Medroff man me to since birth,


    @StunnaCole me since conception. My dad’s cum was blue and white.


    Medroff same 😂

    chino a

    Medroff you mean blue and silver but that was funny as hell lmao 😂😂😂😂🤣🤣


    @chino a I mean maybe the throwbacks😂😂😂✌️

Archie Jimenez

The title says 2019

    danny woodson

    Nick foles > wentz

    D T

    You guys are so lost im sorry man

    Brian Daniel

    And you still watched

AI Martins

McCarthy = John Candy

    Akim Smith

    @fireball1 my mistake.. there have been others that hiked on his weight.. I’m sorry

    AI Martins

    @fireball1 And McCarthy is great at having his teams get laughed at come playoff time! ;P


    @AI Martins So was garret so not losing much..🤣🤣


    @Akim Smith 👍

    AI Martins

    @fireball1 It’s always possible to be worse. 😜

Interpol Individuals

Welcome to big D coach. We don’t ask the fans to shovel snow ❄️ for $12 an hour like in Green Bay. 👍🏼

    J Boy

    Andrew Zenn lol

    The Lawn Care Guy LLC

    @Asmodeus oh man you got me there bro 😂

    The Lawn Care Guy LLC

    @cruedust 7595 I’m not a cowboys fan.. never been


    The Lawn Care Guy LLC just take that plus sign out and you have a true statement lol



    Daniel Allen

    @Connor 7-9

    cruedust 7595

    Cowboys have a season every year

    Johnathan Landers

    Cowboys trash …..mcarthy aint gonna make no difference and this is comin from a PACKER.

Mark Elgin

Joe Montana, Brett Favre and Aaron Rodgers…hopefully Dak will be #4 on his list of greats he has coached.

    semaj magie

    He’ll turn dak too a gunslinger and he links back up with Randell cobb

    cruedust 7595

    @Fuzzy Ewok perfectly said

    Tony Perez

    Can not believe you put Zak with those great quarter backs!!!

    alex gibbs

    Dak simply isnt that good lol he ain’t a rookie no more and he still can’t make a pass further than 10 yards away lol

Henry Hill

I’m still blown away kept Garrett for 10 years insane. Wasted Romo , Dez , witten and 4 years Zeke and Dak already.

    Richard P.

    Not sure if it was a coincidence or if Garrett influenced it, but when he took over as HC the Cowboys really started building around Romo. The sad thing is this happened at the ladder part of Romos career. But you cant mistake that Romo had his best years as a pro when Jason took over and when he was healthy. It seemed like the Cowboys were trending in a great direction and then Romo was done, I’m not sure wasted is the right term.

    Jose Garcia

    @Richard P. Bill Parcels and Sean Payton had a lot to do with Romo’s early development. It wasn’t until 2014 that Romo was able to figure the game out on his own and we drafted Zeke a couple of years later for him. I just ask, imagine how many Rings Romo would of had if Parcels or Sean Payton stayed on the team?

    Vicious XlV

    Wasted DeMarco too

    Robbie Rayburn

    Can’t wait to tap into Blake Jarwin’s potential! The dude has all the ability to be like a George Kittle.


    Jerry needs to stop holding fucking press conferences in the locker room and distracting the team.

Hugh Roberts Jr.

I feel #6 is coming soon

Maddox Lionheart

2020- The Cowboys resurrection

James Oestmann

Am I the only one who is hyped for this upcoming season

    Jim Johnson

    The defensive coach hire is a huge disappointment and a huge step down from what we had. But it all depends what qb we can land, if it’s Prescott than it’s bye bye for Dallas again.

    jeff raborg


    John G

    Yeah don’t fall for the hype just be a fan and let it play out…I think we fall for the hype too much

    Tyler Main

    @Jim Johnson I disagree. Our defense has been middle of the pack to dead last in takeaways for the last decade. Rod runs Tampa 2 that’s outdated and Kris runs constant man to man with 1 deep safety an when ur backs turned it’s harder to make a play an easier to get penalties. Byron thrived in it chido not so much. I want eyes on the QB with this defense

Deon C.

Just listening to him talk you CAN TELL he’s gonna hold MF’ers accountable! Which is what we’ve been missing!!!! Something JG never did!

    Deon C.

    @Gabriel Afonso Aaron Rodgers is a future HOF’er….but let’s be honest….he has 1 ring. All the praise he gets you would think he would have had 4. Aaron just woke up one day and felt he was sick of Mike. That was clear as day. Once that happens between QB and coach…it’s OVER for everybody! Mike’s voice started being annoying to Aaron, plus the lack of roster played a role in Mike being let go. Aaron hasn’t gotten a ring without Mike! Let that sink in.

    W Carp

    @Deon C. Year 1 without Mike and Aaron is in contention to get a ring, 1st in NFC north and a 13 and 3 season. Let that sink in.

    Gabriel Afonso

    Deon C. He had a terrible coach

    Dylan Neuens

    @Gabriel Afonso wow, what a highly nuanced and erudite argument, my mind is forever changed. I didn’t realize McCarthy was a terrible coach. I thought record-breaking offenses and the vocally public support and love of him from current and former players meant he was an effective leader. Yeah, he’s had his issues, but I thought overall he was a net positive, including winning a Super Bowl. Man, I was so blind. Thank you for helping me see.

    Gabriel Afonso

    Dylan Neuens you’re welcome. Glad you can see that MM is a terrible coach now.

Texas Lonestar

that’s a Stephen Jones hire 100%

Andrew Nixon

This is like one of then 90’s vhs tapes

Jesuis Charlie

Love mike McCarthy. Like to see him lose about 30lbs. I’m watching my weight too. Older guys need to really watch it.

    Jose Garcia

    He may build a better connection with the players if he jumps in the weight room with them. Coaches need to be in physical shape just like the players.

    Ethan O'Connell

    Still not a Belicheck though


    @Ethan O’Connell Yeah, he doesn’t cheat..

Ethan O'Connell

“If you call it, you need to install it” that’s a message I can get behind 👌🏼

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