Michael Thomas Talks Win Over Colts in Week 15 | New Orleans Saints Football – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Michael Thomas Talks Win Over Colts in Week 15 | New Orleans Saints Football

New Orleans Saints wide receiver Michael Thomas postgame locker room interview after the New Orleans Saints defeated the Indianapolis Colts in week 15 of the 2019 NFL season on Monday Night Football. Thomas broke his own franchise record of catches in a season, ending the night with 133 on the season with 2 games left.
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Michael Thomas sets multiple records on Monday Night: https://www.neworleanssaints.com/news/michael-thomas-sets-saints-single-season-receptions-record


Best receiver in the NFL by far!

    Jay Stiles

    MT is gonna break Marvin Harrison record either next game or in the final week

    Crazy Jay

    He’s 10 away from it oh yeah he’ll be breaking that record

    Silver Is The Name

    Crazy Jay don’t jinx it lmao anything can happen

    Crazy Jay

    Yes that’s true anything can happen but it is Thomas were talking about

Bossmayne Marco

Imagine having colston in his prime on one side and Mike on the other side just the thought sounds deadly lol

    Eric Brocko2020

    Bossmayne Marco no one would be able to stop us ⚜️⚜️

Jay Stiles

MT already aka CGM but can we say MT another nickname too aka:YCGTH too

Jay Stiles

Drew brees and MT are the best QB and WR duo in the league as well


    & Bridgewater & Thomas were the best backup QB/WR duo…lol

    Shade InMoney

    Titanbrotha00 teddy and mike had that same chemistry as Brees and Thomas


    @Shade InMoney yessir

Hector Mejia

“blessed with the ability to catch footballs” whodat all day

Kras 4

Michael is the most soft spoken MONSTER I know. He smiles and has respect for the opponent but when those cleats hit the grass, playtime is OVER. Only 26 years of age & perfected the route tree. Glad he’s on my team. Excellent performance .. again and congrats on the win last night.

Daniel Smith

This guy here a class act.

ScarpNOLA tv

#WhoDat ⚜️⚜️

Mike Larry

I’m still waiting on all the people who said back in the Summer that he was not worth the money and the contract he was given come out of hiding.

    Shawn Buck

    Worth erry penny!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Mike Larry

    @Shawn Buck Yes sir brother you can make a strong case that he might be under paid.

Life Lessons

First complete game! Was waiting for this. Keep moving in the right direction guys! ⚜ #whodat

Lee Bollinger

love how much he loves Drew so much

jerry robinson

Mike is like a local Gas station. Always open


I was at a game and they had these so called fans sayin the $100 million man can’t even catch a pass when he missed one catch 🤦🏾‍♂️ people just don’t wanna let people be great dude only human he can’t catch em all

    Quinton Logan

    They act these guys are gods they are human just like us but bigger paycheck and live healthier lifestyles


    Quinton Logan right

Terriance Ramon

#cantguardmike 😤😤💪🏽

Annette Schexnayder

⚜️He’s Awesome⚜️

Kiril Kiroski

One dislike from the Colts defense!

Jonathan Stevens

We’re about business ⚜️💪

Arron/ B

21 savage plays football i didn’t know

Scott Stlaey

Best wideout n the league right there. I’m glad your on our side

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