Michael Thomas’ Record-Breaking Day | NFL 2019 Highlights – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Michael Thomas’ Record-Breaking Day | NFL 2019 Highlights

Michael Thomas breaks Marvin Harrison's single-season receptions record with his 144th catch of the 2019 season. He rounded out his day with 136 yards and a touchdown. The New Orleans Saints take on the Tennessee Titans during Week 16 of the 2019 NFL season.

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Incorrect YoutubeTutorials


    Ethan B A S S

    Hold up.


All i heard was “its Thomas”

The InvictusSamaritan

Don’t put him on the madden cover
Don’t put him on the madden cover
Don’t put him on the madden cover
Don’t put him on the madden cover
Don’t put him on the madden cover
Don’t put him on the madden cover
Don’t put him on the madden cover
Don’t put him on the madden cover…


    @Nash Scheber how?

    Nash Scheber

    @36090pburke ab isnt even in the league and obj is having a career low this year .


    @Nash Scheber this year not the years they were on it

    White Rose

    @Daniel Coronado we are still waiting for your answer?? Or is your foot in your mouth?

    Champ Solo

    Madden cover can’t guard Mike

Jack Attack38

The Brett kollmann curse has been beaten

    Gohan With Down Syndrome

    Jack Attack38 lol

    Dewitt McDidditt

    @CoolBreezy#9 an inside joke. So many times when Brett Kollman (YouTube channel) does a film breakdown explaining the success of a star player, that star player or that player’s team plays bad or loses a week later. Lol


    @Dewitt McDidditt lol ive been watching his channel for like 2 years now and i just found this out

    The Piper Report

    I knew Thomas would be safe.. Not even a curse can stop Mike

Austin Charles

To Michael Thomas: Thank you for carrying my team.

From: My fantasy team

Yofrenny Melo

Record and record being broken by these Saints players this season . This should honestly be there year to go all the way . But that NFC is so hard to predict .

    Daniel Coronado

    @Clowntonio Brown TF does that have to do with anything

    Gerald Stelly

    @Daniel Coronado 49er fan

    Daniel Coronado

    @Gerald Stelly Rams fan bioooootch

    Daniel Alveo

    The refs and the NFL board might have something to say about that.

    Branded McGowan

    @Daniel Coronado have fun watching the postseason and the Lakers/Clippers.

chandler chandler

And just last week Brees broke a record

    Mr wannabefit

    He broke 2 last week

    Gohan With Down Syndrome

    Mr wannabefit

    And Thomas broke two this week

    Fresh Productions

    Gohan With Down Syndrome what was the other one

    Carlos Vega

    Most receiving yards in the first 4 years of career. Previously held by Randy Moss.

Ryan Flanagan

Who dat Saints

    Daniel Coronado

    Bounty gate remembers

    Harlan Taylor

    Daniel Coronado sh

Jesse Coulter

That 1 dislike is a falcon fan

    Micheal Judon

    They beat at team yall couldn’t beat


    Micheal Judon My brain.

    Jesse Coulter

    I’ll spell that like you couldn’t spell

    Fajhad Naser

    Micheal Judon what language are you typing in?

ram baby

true definition of a football player


Reminds me of a young Larry Fitzgerald. Great route runner, has speed, and of course the sticky hands he has.


    @Lakers Fan 2018 you must be dumb lmao go compare the numbers… Mike has been in the league 4 years he’s on pace to shatter almost every WR record their is… he already has the most catches and yards of any wr in nfl history within their first 4 years of their career… same thing with catch rate

    Lakers Fan 2018

    TheWaveFoundation ur dumb

    Lakers Fan 2018

    TheWaveFoundation Fitzgerald is a way better receiver


Literally the GOAT of this sh*t! Nobody can guard Mike!

    Feedz Alpha

    Daniel Coronado why do you keep commenting that are you salty he burned your team or something ?😂loser

    The Piper Report

    Feedz Alpha – Obviously. lol. I noticed that whenever you see a salty fan bashing a great player, you can usually trace it back to the salty fan’s team getting destroyed by said player. It happens a lot, actually.

    Devin Vez

    @Daniel Coronado where? You have no idea what you are talking about fool.

    Feedz Alpha

    The Piper Report straight facts I agree but why comment what he said and have no evidence to support it ?😂


Get his HOF jacket ready ⚜️


    @Daniel Coronado he already has inpressive accolades and he isn’t that old yet.


    Daniel Coronado not reaching at all actually. 😂😂 just another sleep 😴 fan.


    @Daniel Coronado reaching lmao do you not know how many records Mike broke already

    Big Bank Buddha

    @Daniel Coronado You don’t break an almost unbreakable record & not get to the HOF


They said he was paid too much 😂😂yea ok!!! WHO DAT NATION 🖤⚜️🖤

    The Piper Report

    I’d say keep Cook. We need a good tight end. Jared Cook has helped big time this year. If he didn’t get injured I think we would beaten Niners. Kamara hasn’t been great this year. So if we have to cut any stars I’d say cut Kamara for some first round draft picks. Stack up our defense the best we can.

    Cook and Thomas are a must. Cook is getting older though, so we might be able to get him on the cheap in 2021. Kamara hasn’t done much this year. Which is bad but also good. Bad because we need Kamara to do great to win the SB, but good because if he has a poor season we won’t have to pay him as much as Zeke.

    If Kamara wants Zeke money then Saints defense is screwed. We’ll have to get rid of Lattimore and some of our best linebackers.

    I hope Brees leads by example and takes a massive pay cut. If he wants 50 mill again then we are definitely screwed. We’ll have to get rid of a ton of good players.

    There’s a pretty good article regarding the Saints contract extensions coming up the next couple years. It goes over everything, and basically if we pay Brees, Kamara, and Thomas the money they all want, we’ll have to drop almost all of our best linebackers and corners. And although rookie’s can be good, I don’t think I’m comfortable having two rookies as corners and linebackers in today’s league. We need at least Lattimore


    @The Piper Report we’ll be able to keep Kamara, Thomas and lattimore… it’s a few other guys I’m worried about

    George Gomez

    @The Piper Report if we wouldnt have paid him he wouldve went somewhere else that did. You dont let CGM walk. You should be wishing we didnt give P.Rob the contract that he has not CGM

    George Gomez

    @The Piper Report also we’re not cutting lattimore lmaooooo

Devin Vez

Best wr this year.

    Mxnd :


    Karn Liberated

    @Mxnd : Julio is not better than Thomas. Stop it.

Andrew Bain

Definitely the best wide receiver no exaggeration

    Daniel Matchett

    sriram varma Dantuluri I would argue that Thomas runs more routes in general, he’s a jack of all trades while Julio is a typical # 1 receiver who eats up coverage. Julio can run routes just as precise as Thomas it’s just he’s not used for that

    Nate Cruz

    Glen T Long he doesn’t need a title or 2 to be the best in the NFL right now. The top WR’s 5 in the league literally have ZERO titles put together


    @Mxnd : Man, I’m a Julio fan but Michael playing better this year.

    Mxnd :

    monkeyassassin21 No Your Not

King A

This man is a straight dawg. Best in the league


This one season alone, in my opinion, made him a 1st ballot Hall of Famer. The Best receiver in all of football plays for the New Orleans Saints.

MT13 ⚜144 grabs 🤲🏿🏈⚜🔥🔥🔥🔥

    Austin Luepkes

    145 and still going


No one can stop Michael Thomas he is one of the best wideouts to ever play the game.

Trick And mist

Remmber when he was shadow by Brandon cooks

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