Michael Thomas Postgame After Week 16 Win vs Titans | New Orleans Saints Football – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Michael Thomas Postgame After Week 16 Win vs Titans | New Orleans Saints Football

New Orleans Saints wide receiver Michael Thomas postgame interview after the New Orleans Saints win vs Tennessee Titans in week 16 of the 2019 NFL season. Michael Thomas had a record-setting performance, surpassing Marvin Harrison for most catches in a single season, but has bigger goals in sight.

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You can’t guard him

    james bondero

    Aqib talib is the only one that could
    So glad he’s not in the NFC anymore

SaintsGoated 32

Welcome to 99 club


Bruh read the description 🤦


    AkwardLion running back haha

    Sean Fallo

    🤣.. playas screw up

    Naseem Abid

    Running back


    good hands for a RB xD

Phoenix Valdez

New Orleans just breaking records ⚜️⚜️⚜️ hell yahh!!! 12-3!

Kavosseaye Music

Can’t guard Mike good game bro #FutureHallOfFamer

jay W

Y’all realize that they were behind 14-0, had 11 penalties, multiple injuries, 3 sacks on Drew and were outgained in total yardage…but STILL won by 10 points a good desperate team?? This team is some kinda special

    Silver Is The Name

    zAnimosityS3 take 1 game at a time buddy, we both know anything can happen on any given Day, don’t jinx us man all we can be as Saints fans is he humble and think positive ⚜️

    Silver Is The Name

    zAnimosityS3 take 1 game at a time, because we both know anything can happen, have you seen the last two heartbreaking season two years in a row before? Anything can happen, be humble and think positive ⚜️

    Weese Bowski

    But no Derrick Henry

    Jesus Flores

    They played they’re best ball after the half honestly saw them improve a bit defensively and Jenkins even tho he was limited in snaps he did make an impact

    Marie Gilmer

    I wasn’t able to watch the game at kickoff, but when I saw the score 14-0 I thought oh to the hell and the No I put my radio on and was screaming while I was driving that’s just what we needed. Believe Dat

Walter Palmer

Not sure how the Saints pulled together in time to win, but this was no easy victory.
Penalties, injuries and still came from behind. Amazing.
One big turnover, fumble after heavy hit, was huge.


Dude has the talent of AB without the sissy drama, much respect!


    Not gonna lie, that’s why I like AB


    He is just a better all around wr than Brown


    inutero10 He has more to do in order to be better.

Parker Gabriel

That’s right. Just focus on getting to Miami 2020. 🏈⚜️🏈⚜️

Swaggy Man_Man

Press conference was good and stay humble’ but wassup with this saints running back Michael Thomas in the description 😂


Bow to this man.

Kras 4

Ultimate TEAM guy. Got paid and kicked it up a notch on Sundays. Congrats Michael on another terrific game and helped your team win today. Special player right there.

J Dirt

Humble your man💪🏿⚜💯

Big Bank Buddha

Rarely do u ever see a player get a record setting contract & then go out and set records on the field and prove he was worth every penny. Most players get a huge contract & underachieve but not the future HOF Can’t Guard Mike! WHO DAT is soooooo proud of you boy!!!


    Big Bank Buddha *cough Zeke *cough

    timothy thompson

    Major Fact !

    Big Bank Buddha

    @spiralout72 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 So True!!! Todd Gurley as well

Midnight Cravings



Class guy

Who Dat so brazy

Only his 4th year to man this kid is something special

whodat Nola

#cantguardmike ⚜️⚜️

felipe borre

How can you not love this guy?

Joel Bouchard

I don’t know Michael personally but I’ve seen several interviews he’s done. He seems so humble and “grounded”. I, for one, really appreciate this trait as it seems that we live in a world of prima-donna’s. One interview in particular stands out — it was preseason and he granted an interview to a woman from the NFL network. He was so polite to her … “yes m’aam, no m’aam”, “thank you”. In all the interviews I’ve seen with Michael, its’ never been about “Michael” but rather about giving credit to others. I don’t know but am guessing he’s a devout Christian. In any case, God bless Michael and the Saints. Who Dat!!

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