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2 run plays for 1 yard in overtime

Yosh Yodriguez

Hate to say it but if Sterns comes back as healthy as he was before don’t see how Simmons isn’t on the trading block considering the mileage he got on him. It’s perfect timing to get a lot out of him considering how badass sterns been playing

    Reed Doherty

    would be dumb considering we would have to replace SS next year anyways?


    why wouldn’t we just pair the two considering Justin is still top 3?

    Alessandro Rhymes

    Broncos gave him an extension recently, Caden will play beside him next year and KJax may retire, it’s sad to see players you like never get a ring. 🙁


    That’s only happening if the team is in full rebuild. Right now our defense is amazing even with all the injuries and there’s no reason to go into a rebuild after paying Wilson only to spend tons of money for a QB on a team in rebuild.

Joseph Clark

He talked a lot but he didn’t do 💩!

    cody R

    If nobody around him is getting the ball he is doing his job. He’s also a strong leader

    Joseph Clark

    @cody R he didn’t do 💩 this game. Plenty of players got the ball and he made one stop. He talked a lot and didn’t do anything else unless you watched a different game than I did. If you did please send me the link I’d love to see it. If plays were made it was by other broncos defense not him. He didn’t make anything happen this game!

    cody R

    @Joseph Clark you completely missed my point. I may have missed out on part of the game because I work but I watched as much as I could and they weren’t targeting him. Just because he didn’t get a int doesn’t mean he didn’t do anything

    Joseph Clark

    @cody R I understood what you were saying and everyone wants to talk crap like I am saying Justin is a bad player and I never said that. I said he didn’t do anything this game and he didn’t. I didn’t say he has to get a pick to be doing something I said he didn’t make any plays this game because he didn’t the plays that were made were all by other players. I also never said he didn’t have strong leadership I said he didn’t make anything happen like the way he was talking that’s all

Shel rae Moore

That ball is your BABY. Protect it. If no kids. Then that BALL Is your Mama! Protect it with all we have💯💯💯💯💪💪💪💪💪💪

Dominic Bozonier

We need will fuller john ross and kevin king from free agency Hinton and Cleveland aren’t doing the job, cut gordon and sign jordan Howard he’s a free agent, play jalen virgil

    Alessandro Rhymes

    What about Phillip?


Did he ghost Russ on the Dulcich td celebration?

    Chris Houchin

    Had to check to see if any one else saw this 😂😂😂 bruhhhhhhhhhhh

Conway Adams

This great defence is being wasted by and incompetent coach n qb

Chrristiann 1

Defense really got a huge stop gave them great field position just for them to score 3 points 😂 hate that offense


Too much energy to keep losing close freaking games!!!!!!!

Flat Line

Denver seems nervous in this

Annette Nelson

Love Justin’s energy and leadership. Hope we can get him some of those playoff wins he deserves.

Tim H

Notice nothing from his mic once we lost…probably unrepeatable!

    Colton Pratt

    I saw him giving one hell of a speech in the sideline right before OT. None of that was included…


That’s it because they probably went off on the offense 🤣

Andrew Elliman

and then what happened


This was the worst Mic’d up ending

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