Mic’d Up: Jeremiah Attaochu in #DETvsDEN – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Gabry LV

That’s my team 🧡

    Myst1c L3g3nd


Myst1c L3g3nd


Kenzo Van

Let’s beat the raiders playoffs hope

Redrhino 57

Man I love the Broncos

BrokemyKeyBoard aka sqiuppy Or kpg

Why don’t we get these shots during the game

Jay Sagatti

This dude has real promise. His shoulder dip speed rush looked ALOT like Von Miller…


    Jay Sagatti he reminds me of D. Ware also

    Shawn Edmond

    @Ddbronco facts


    He was a beast for the Chargers his first couple of years in the league but I think injuries derailed his career there, glad to see him showing out in the Orange and Blue!

    Shawn Edmond

    @MrDopeTv we go be make sum Noise next year Can’t wait

strobe nick

Please start him more he’s the definition of humble

Oscar Ch

The future is bright for the broncos

Andrew Trigueros

Gotta keep this dude, he is alot more explosive than I thought bringing him in. He has been making plays!

AS Drums

1:25 Freeman and Book straight faced when Lindsay scored 😂


    this stood out to me more than anything that’s fucked up

    Sol Asar El

    Yeah that’s lil Shady on they side


    jesster777 Lol what are you talking about? Book and Freeman are NOT the loud, run and jump around types; whereas that’s exactly what most members of Denver’s defense are.

Gavin Etchison


David Attaochu

This guy is one of the best

Kristion Taylor

I remembered the stadium got super hyped when he got the sack


I know Freeman and Book aren’t the loud, jump around types, but seeing Attaochu and Simmons THAT excited about Lindsay’s TD next to them is hilarious. 😂

Clyde Triplett

There is no defense for Speed,
I’d have a team of Vons, number 97 s and Chubbs,

Cherokee Mack

Go Broncos and crush the las vegas show girls playoff hopes!

James Medina

We should switch to these jerseys with white pants 💯 Make it happen.

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