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McKay on why this decision gives Falcons best chance to win

Falcons President and CEO Rich McKay discusses why he believes Arthur’s
decisions to retain Dan Quinn and Thomas Dimitroff give the Falcons the best chance to win in 2020 and beyond.

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Will be interesting to see how they handle the salary cap fiasco that is descending upon the team.

    A Par1160

    NFL in discussions to raise salary cap for 2020..which will help the Falcons!!

Mike Smith

You should NEVER say FANS out your mouth again. You all could careless about the FANS. You showed it today.

    Aiden Munden

    Mike Smith FACTS. He should be surprised next year when nobody coming to the home games

Albert Maddox

Can wait to start terrible and finish strong while missing the playoffs and also messing up our draft spot again next year

Seargent AR-10


Aiden Munden

“We saw that our record that last two years and we thought what an amazing two years. We also went 5-2 in games that had literally no meaning and it hurt us as a team overall. Um, we blew a 28-3 lead in the Super Bowl. So with all that being said welcome back TD and DQ

Bryan Stansel

Tabeek is hard to watch.. always comes across as a creep and moron. Also, completely disagree with this decision and itll suck going into next year not being excited for the first time in years. Dropped the ball here

Zay Dropped Him

Seems like we dont even want a ring

A Par1160

DQ is staying Head Coach..of Falcons……..yaaah!

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