Matthew Judon: We Can’t Relax | Baltimore Ravens – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Matthew Judon: We Can’t Relax | Baltimore Ravens

Veteran outside linebacker Matthew Judon talked about Baltimore's 14-2 regular season, which was the best mark in team history.

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Tyrus Clark

Ravens winning the championship 😈😈👿👿😈

El Poundo

Pay that man


    Hee beaat mee faiir and squaare!

Jack Connolly

I have his auto my nana saw him

    Skin Boming


    Jack Connolly



We got the heart let’s break the other teams wil

CharmCity Chuck

Matt got a good bag coming, keep up the great work king

Salia Berthe

Don’t let this dude be the next Za’darius Smith


    I hear from the Baltimore media they’ll franchise him so that would be a good thing.

    Frosted Ice Pharoah

    Za’darius Smith who?

    Lamine Kaba

    Frosted Ice Pharoah Smith got 13.5 sacks with Green Bay when we let him walk 😡

    Frosted Ice Pharoah

    Lamine Kaba My friend let’s not complain. Our defense is more than just fine.

Yonathan Gonzalez

The winning streak cannot end now! Let’s go all the way!

Anthony S

He is a great player, I hope they sign him

The Spiritual SmartAss

He might get the franchise tag. I hope we keep Judon and we get another guy to compliment him


    The Spiritual SmartAss yes man he needs some more help on the edge. Like the others are holding their own but I feel his stats would be through the roof if he had more pressure coming off the edge other than his own. He’s definitely what teams plan for the most defensively speaking. So if he had help I feel he’d get to the qb more often

    Day Day El Hombre

    Hopefully shaq Barrett from the bucs


    Day Day El Hombre that would be otherworldly guy is nuts lol very impressive player with lots of years to go and a Baltimore native I believe

    Edwin Navedo

    His Name is Jaylen Ferguson…


    Edwin Navedo I think what he’s saying is someone with a little more experience. Not saying that Ferguson isn’t good he’s amazing, very physical and fits the ravens defense perfectly but He’s still fairly young so he definitely flies under the radar especially someone who was a monster in college.You’re absolutely right though I definitely see Ferguson having more success in his next few years

Fifi Houston

Sign this man, he has proven to be a solid one.

    Santino Daidone

    Can’t belive they dont do it already


We gotta keep Judon. GO RAVENS!!!

Skin Boming

This guy is so chill. On the feild tho he is a monster.

    Slim Dawg #8

    Straight beast!!!


We got possibly the best team chemistry ever this year! Always deflecting praise and accepting criticisms.

Stewart Rebar

The win yesterday proves how versatile the ravens are, everyone wants to say we would be bad without certain players but we still get work done😈

Jordan Helton

Could you imagine our pash rush with a healthy Pernell, Matt, and Z if we had kept him. That would be absolutely scary

LuNeY AgOsTo

pay my boy judon..i dnt want o see his celebration against us

Luke Puckett

We need to keep Judon 💜💜💜


I pray we keep this young man…let’s get it Ravens!

Lion Thomas

Dam Ju….. I spit out my Sprite when he said RIDE LAMAR’S COAT TAIL TO THE SB🤣😂🤣🤣😂

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