Matt Ryan’s message heading into the final game of the season: ‘Getting the job done’ | Falcons QB – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
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Matt Ryan’s message heading into the final game of the season: ‘Getting the job done’ | Falcons QB

Matt Ryan speaks on the Buccaneers tough front seven and how the Falcons will look to continue to improve on their run game from last week.

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Frosty Boi

First to say Spongebob in this comment section

    John Matthew Barrs

    First to say squidward.

    A sad falcons Fan

    first to say mr krabbs

    Chris Crash bash

    First to say Sandy

    Big Spamus

    First to say Gary

Harrison Andrade



    Good Looking Honkey

    No they can’t with quinn and ryan.

James O'Neil

If this man just had better protection.

    blake wagner

    and careless picks that hes not used to throwing


This man needs to be in the playoffs

When you talk about the legends of the game and some of the best NFL players of all time.

Most have achieved some kind of success in the playoffs, especially the QBs

This man IS THAT LEGEND! Or for sure can go out there and be one

Hearing him say week 17 is his team’s last game of the season…. that doesn’t sound right,

This man is made for the for that stage… The post season stage

PS. Julio and Ryan made one of the best plays in the 100 years of this great league in that superbowl to win the game…. But Then the coaching staff failed them

    Byron Jones

    Yup put him on the Patriots an see how many rings he gets! Or for that matter any other team with a solid coaching staff.

    rocky ramsey

    Your 100% right👍

Gary Turbo

Just give Tampa the win

    Byron Jones

    Na! F Tampa up!

    I like Nike


Byron Jones

C’mon Matt! Get us another W this weekend! #RiseUp!


Falcons under DQ are kinda like the cowboys, some games they just come flat and dead and then there are games they completely dominate when you least expect.

Nick bagnulo

Get him a sb ring next year PLEASE

Ryan Flanagan


T.j Masters

7-9 2 years in a row not acceptable

Dexter Jackson

Look man how are they playing good now and didn’t play good when it counts?? Can’t win the big games, i hope people aren’t being fooled by these last few wins, they gotta get rid of DQ and TD and draft a younger QB for back up and get rid of Matt Schaub!!! And draft some edge rushers. Time for a change and not the same ole thing!!

    Good Looking Honkey

    Right. See, you are a smart fan.


    OMG the only sign of intelligent life about drafting a QB. I been thinking this for a while. If it was me I would trade up to top 3 this year or next year to get a high quality QB

    Dexter Jackson

    @LunchBox I agree , we need a mobile QB , pocket QB are soon gonna be a thing of the past with these fast defensive lineman, i agree the OL has to hold the line but they can’t hold it for 10 seconds like Matt Ryan needs


    “Look man how are they playing good now and didn’t play good when it counts??” you don’t pay attention to anything do ya? WR coach Raheem Morris moved to secondary coach &LB coach Jeff Ulbrich is calling defensive plays after the 1-7.

Anthony Wright

The Falcons will be back at the top of the NFC in 2020 you just watch, after this team spends part of their draft on a monster at DT in the 1st round, a fast physical DE in the 2nd round and a road grader at LG with their second 2nd round pick you’ll see vast improvement. Plus in the 3rd round the Falcons will draft a stud RB that you can plug in from day one.


Hopefully the message is to drop this game so we don’t have to draft completely in no man’s land

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