Matt Ryan, Mike Mularkey recall QB’s first NFL pass: A 62-yard TD | Falcons Audible – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Matt Ryan, Mike Mularkey recall QB’s first NFL pass: A 62-yard TD | Falcons Audible

On the Friday before Matt Ryan’s first-ever NFL game back in 2008, the Falcons quarterback met with then-offensive coordinator Mike Mularkey after practice to go through the first 15 plays from scrimmage.

Sitting down for an episode of Falcons Audible, the two reminisce about Matt Ryan's first career NFL pass– a 62-yard touchdown to Michael Jenkins.

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Alexander Reid

Like or the Saint will win Super Bowl

    Raymond Elder

    @Gary Turbo LOL fucking hilarious, the irony is unreal

    Justin Rogers

    Man you need to catch up

    Antonio Kim

    Alexander Reid looks like someone bet you earlier today that Saints were not going to Super Bowl this year. Since you’re a nerd that wants to be cool and you don’t follow sports; you put your whole life savings on it. Too bad they were already out of the playoffs last week. Sorry you lose; now you’re a homeless/hopeless loser


    Antonio Kim wtf 😂


    Even tho the sAints are done i am liking on GP

julius jones

On his way to 28-3 the very next season.


    I smell salt


    Waaaaaaaaay overused….. like your mother

    A Par1160

    Won’t you identify your self..probably that salty 3 time playoff chokers.Bounty cheating…’Aints..Saints…

    Orochi Maru

    I guess this makes sense?

Mad Mike Sports

Great moment in falcons history.


    Justin Rogers

    How you think Dirk does without mularkey around? I wish we would have cut ties with him now. Mike you the man!

Gary Turbo

They need some receivers

    Orochi Maru

    @Kermit B we’ll see what our 2 rookie (technically 2nd yr) lineman can do. And I loved the hell outta Coleman too.

    Kermit B

    @Orochi Maru yeah definitely

    Gary Turbo

    Like I said before, he needs a receiver that can take the heat off of Jones

    Justin Rogers

    Seriously, what is wrong with you people? We ranked 3rd in receiving in the NFL last year.

    Kermit B

    @Gary Turbo I mean really we don’t if he is as good as people say which I think he is then he should be able to play in double coverage it’s amazing you having such a skill to keep covered away from other receivers and like and someone like the rookie Zacchaeus might not have been as good if there’d been another defensive back out there but they’re having to double look at Julio he’s keeping the heat from other people and then breaking out in the heat because he’s good

Falcons/Hawks/Braves Fan Extraordinaire

I remember watching that game 🙌

A Par1160

Go Falcons!!

Mr. panch wetshaving

He lives in atlanta!

Chris Dunlap

first game of the season against the 0-16 Lions lol

Housseynatou Souare

#AtlantaFalcons #RiseUp

big stank

If only he had audibled a couple times in the super bowl… 🙁

Rise Up regardless tho

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