Matt Rhule recounts the new bonds that Panthers built this week – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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John Sellars Reply


Phi Rolan Reply

Great job Coaches Matt Rhule we need won again for next week. keepouding

Kevin Yates Reply

Game ball needed to go to Joey Slye! 🤷🏾‍♂️

RocketBot Reply

Just gotta work on that redzone offense and we have some potential

East Coast Killa Reply

Our red zone finishing just needs work and we’ll be okay, can’t rely on field goals to win games! However our defence played really good this week and won us the game!

East Coast Killa Reply

#KEEPPOUNDING!!! We did it for CMC

    Mr. Clean Reply

    For the Team*

Anonymous Reply

So Nice 💘💘💘💘💘💘

iandoodle Reply

Im going to be watching every game no matter what, as far as im concerned our draft picks have been performing amazingly!

    Aps Jr Reply

    drafted the most all pros since 2000 and only finished below 5-11 2 of those 20 years

Jake H Reply

Thanks for taking ur time to make these videos…

Cru Reply

Coach really is a great guy hope to see him again one day

Joseph Cagle Reply

Every week I see improvement what else can you ask for from a young team. Everyone just support them.

    Eddie Reyes Reply

    I agree 💯

    Jeremy Helms Reply

    I did this week but from week 1 to 2 I didn’t see improvement at all offense got worse and defense played the same

Leonard Kowalski Reply

Missed Opportunities? Can we get away from that phrase? Asking for a…… Asking for me. And all Panthers fans worldwide!

    TREE FITTY Reply


    Snakethebeast Reply

    At least he’s up front about it

Madison Hamilton Reply

Lowkey tho we need to extend taylor moton. This franchise is bad about botching deals and screwing things up with players

Eddie Reyes Reply


Stater 760 Reply

We really should be 2-1 if we gave it to MCM against the raiders on that one play

    Mr. Clean Reply

    Mike Davis*

Eddie Reyes Reply

I’ll always be a PANTHER FOR LIFE! 🙌🏾💪🏾💯

Sean Goode Reply

I’ve enjoyed every game. Loyal fan since 1995 and I love where we are headed. #keeppounding

Sir Yates Reply

Coach I trust your process, keep pounding

Emma - wir uns kennenlernen Reply

0:30 majestätisch

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