Matt Patricia on Week 17 matchup against Packers – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Fired by week 6? Never heard such a babbling excuse making shithead so called head coach in my life.

Dustin Kane

GB 38 Det 9

    Paper 2K

    Dustin Kane 38-12

    Hatters House 710

    Gb 21 Lions 14 Refs 10 That adds up to GB 31 Lions 14


U suuck!!!


Ur excited by a 3-12 record!!!


Where r u still a head coach

    Hatters House 710

    It’s a complete purge and rebuild. it takes at least 3 years. look at the 49ers. They are in year 3 after 2 dismal seasons. Trust the process, this is a culture change along with a rebuild.


My I don’t even want to watch

    Hatters House 710

    Then don’t.


Maybe he is smart and is tanking on purpose

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