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Matt Patricia on Week 16 loss

Head coach Matt Patricia talks to the media about the loss to the Denver Broncos and preparing for final game of the season against the Packers.

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Bee Thousand

Try not to be a joke next season.


There it is…. that pencil….

It hasn’t needed sharpening once all season… No notes = No adjustments

Just losing and making garbage excuses… Slob


Fords need to sell the team


We got 3 more years of this thanks to his 5 year garunteed contract and a brain dead owner.

Justin Brown

Ford family should donate the team to the city for the harm they have caused on Detroit. Patricia era started off bad and we won’t need a crystal ball to predict next season

    B-Dawg Brandon

    Yeah they fucking suck


Are these press conferences really necessary at this point?.. Just tank and hope Washington wins so we can go get Chase Young.

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