Matt Patricia on Week 15 loss to Bucs – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Change up the damn defense.

    Dz Nutz

    ScrapTime exactly. man coverage aint cutting it.

    Matt Newman

    Really? Cant cover Bucs back up receivers for 458 yards. Ya think?

Untame Duck Productions

screw you patricia, pasqualoni and ford. Fire every staff member but bevell.

Jack Miller

It’s been obvious since the beginning. After we had a lead in every game the first 8 weeks. Our DEFENSE NEEDS CHANGED.

Bernard Brooks

LAUGHABLE! JOKE! I’ve seen enough of THIS! This guys took 9-7 team right to the bottom! Quinn said and I quote ” Matt is going to take us to next Level? ” I’ll bet both Quinn and the 5′ foot man that eats to much! Are great in there fantasy league! Absolute Disgrace! Martha god bless you and yours BUT PLEASE SELL THE TEAM! CHRIST SAKES!

Your local predator _

Fire him


    And hire who?


    @TeeGrizzleyBear caldwell

Gregory Megatron

This thing is gettin so bad that fans are sleeping thru it, forgetting its even Sunday

G man

Word of the day “aspect”… How about “expect” ? As in I expect your defense to NOT give up 500yds to T.B. ! Good news is…Denver is just as bad,we’ll see.

    A A

    G man i mean we’re 3rd in yards per game… dont be too sad about it. Jameis leads the league in yards per game.

Noah Hansen

9- 20-1 smh

ceo los

Bring back Jim atleast we will have a winning record..


    Oh yea because he’s such a great coach!! Every team was just dying to hire him!. He’s on his way to the super bowl this year %!!

    Marcus Williams

    Cjusto1 Miami hired him goofball he just was in medical leave They bringing him back next season

    ceo los

    @Cjusto1 damn you didn’t like two playoffs apperence and winning 9 games or better ..


Why are y’all still filling the stadium, then you turn around and complain about the product on the field. Don’t you get it? The Ford’s balance sheet is soaring why would they care about wins and losses?

    Joseph M

    This 100%


Talk is Cheap Matt. Go Win a DAMN Game. Do it for the Fan Base.

    Andre DET

    Nah lose out. Start winning next season


Matt Patricia is a fraud, he only looked good in New England because they stole the offensive signals. Ernie Adams the mastermind cheater of New England.

    Alexia Is On Fire

    Aww butthurt loser incel detected

Jo el

“We got lit up, guys fought hard, but we suck, from that aspect of it”

Daryl Gunter

Blough looking better and better. He’ll be a nice back up but it’s time to move on from this Matt Patricia era. We trying to Win now. It’s been 58 years?..


“With the 3rd pick in the 2020 NFL Draft, the Detroit Lions select, Fromdat Standpoint, Punter, University of LSD Amsterdam”.

Neal Shields

Patricia: Place the entire Lions roster on the injury list for them having no balls whatsoever…

Tyler Watts

I’ve gotten to the point where I don’t even watch Patricia’s post game interview. It’s the same thing every Sunday.

Andre DET

Can someone just grab him by the beard during his interview and start dragging him please? Ill pay 💰

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