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Matt Patricia on recent roster moves

Head coach Matt Patricia talks to the media about getting ready for Sunday’s matchup against the Buccaneers and continuing to work on improvements.

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Jerry W

Why do people show up at these press conferences? He’s just dredging up the same bullshit time after time.


He’s probably the 2nd worst head coach. Rod Mernelli is the worst though.

Scotty Boy

Seems to know football. Too bad he don’t know how to stop a damn thing…… excuse excuse excuse. Rebuild? Building on a 9-7 team from Caldwell, what a joke. Been a tear apart to the toilet drain. What a joke.


Sad that we have to see another year of wasted talent like this same old lions


Ford Family. Ron Wood. Bob Quinn. This is the order in which blame must be laid. Patricia is unquestionably not qualified to be an NFL Head Coach and was, like so many others, carried along by Belichick to success at NE. However, blame starts with the Ford Family who chose to name Ron Wood “President” despite having ZERO background in football at any level. What Wood did have was a long track record of enriching the Ford Family as their Estate Planner. Wood and the Ford family, being clueless and cheap, let an NFL committee steer us to Quinn. Quinn was undoubtedly one of, if not the, cheapest options in front of the Fords and Wood for GM. He was a Scout with no previous GM or Assistant GM experience and, like Patricia, was linked to the success that Belichick achieved and would have achieved with, or without the great Bob Quinn. The Fords and Wood could have reached out to more expensive former GMs but, due to money, did not. Quinn has blown every draft pick and free agent signing he has made with the exception of Jones Jr. and Golladay (and Stafford would make a lot of receivers look good). And then Quinn fires a successful coach in Caldwell and brings in his cheaper crony, the mumblin’ bumblin’ Matt Patricia. Since Wood is signed on for life, and Quinn/Patricia are signed on through 2022, nothing is happening here until mid 2021 when we are 1-7. At that point, whichever Ford daughter is running the Team with Wood will fire them and we’ll start the losing process all over again with a new group of cheap, inexperienced cast offs. We are about to enter our 7th decade of futility under the family called Ford.

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